Donor List

Alabama Initiative for Independent Journalism, Inc. gratefully acknowledges all the donors to the organization and its work for public service journalism. Donors’ names are listed below. AIIJ is a federally recognized 501c3 nonprofit organization, so contributions are tax-deductible.

Donor List:


Foundations and Organizations 

Alabama Humanities Foundation

Community Foundation of Greater Birmingham/Margaret and Kip Porter Family Fund

Community Foundation of Greater Birmingham/Mac & Tosh Fund/ Request of Ken Jackson

The Jerry and Sis Levin Fund of the Bank of America Charitable Gift Fund

United Way of Central Alabama


Jeanne B. Alexander

Laura Anderson

Tom and Pam Arenberg

Jean and Nicholas Bouler

Brooke Coleman

William Dawson

Robin DeMonia

Carol Nunnelley

Elizabeth Olsen

Steve Ostaseski

George Ann Parker

Elizabeth Price

Susan Williams Reeves

Emily Jones Rushing

Sherrel Stewart

Lynn Waugh

Odessa Woolfolk



Ethics & Excellence Journalism Foundation

Greater St. Louis Community Foundation/Request of Tom and Pam Arenberg


Joe Adams

Jeanne Alexander

Catherine and Lee Allen

Laura Anderson

Tom Arenberg

Anne Berte

Brett Blackledge

Jean and Nicholas Bouler

Alice Bowsher

Louise Cary

Brooke Coleman

Carol Clarke

Myra Crawford

Sue Cross

Natalie Davis

Joseph Dean

Robin DeMonia

Mike and Gillian Goodrich

Tom Gordon

Marianne Griffin

Scott Hanley

Rona Harper

Brant Houston

Chervis Isom

Jean Johnson

Gilbert Johnston

Martha Johnston

Jerome Lanning

Nancy Lewis

David W. Lowery

Elaine Miller

Margaret Nunnelley

William A. and Carol F. Nunnelley

Elizabeth Olsen

George Ann Parker

Elizabeth Price

Rebecca Rodamar

Jane Ross

Emily Jones Rushing

Kit Shook

Camille Spratling

Beth Stewart

Sherrel Stewart

Marsha S. Sturdevant

Joyce Vance

Tinsley Van Durand

Juanita Velasco

Cameron Vowell

Dafina Ward

Carla Whitley

Elaine Witt

Odessa Woolfolk