Category: City Council – District 9

Angene Coleman

Birmingham City Council District 9 Angene Coleman Residence: Westchester neighborhood. Political experience: First time to seek elected office. Professional experience: Drug-prevention specialist coordinator for 22 years, currently at Alcohol and Abuse Treatment Centers Inc.; previous work with the Birmingham Housing Authority. Civic experience: Smithfield Estates vice president, 2010; volunteer youth advisor with NAACP, current. Education:

Eric Hall

Birmingham City Council District 9 ERIC HALL        Age: 35 Residence: Central Pratt City. Political experience: Intern at Alabama Law Institute, working with Alabama Legislature, 2013; liaison to Birmingham City Council for District 9 council member Marcus Lundy, 2014-2016. Professional: Associate minister at Peace Missionary Baptist Church, current; veteran of U.S. Army, Alabama National Guard, 2000-2009.

John Hilliard

Birmingham City Council, District 9 John Hilliard Age: 56 Residence: Smithfield Estates. Political experience: Ran for Alabama Legislature in 1994, 1998, 2002, 2010; held the House District 60 seat from 1993-2003. Professional experience: Private business owner, in real estate and bonding. Education: Alabama State University, bachelor’s degree in business administration management; A.H. Parker High School.

Wendell Major

Birmingham City Council, District 9 Wendell Major Age: 51 Residence: Dolomite. Political races run: Unsuccessful campaign for Alabama Senate, 2006. Professional experience:  Principal, Major Law Group LLC, 2007- present; lieutenant, Jefferson County Sheriff’s Department, 1989-present; civilian police assistant mentor/adviser supervisor in Kabul, Afghanistan, U.S. State Department, November 2009-November 2010; sergeant, U.S. Marine Corps., 1983-1991. Civic

Roderick Royal

Birmingham City Council, District 9 Roderick Royal Age: 52 Residence: Westchester neighborhood, Pratt City. Political Experience: Birmingham City Council, 2001-2013; council president, 2009-2013; interim mayor, November 2009-January 2010. Professional experience: Instructor, Miles College, 20 years; outreach counselor with local health clinic; pastor of local congregation; former U.S. Army officer with combat service in the Persian

David Russell

Birmingham City Council, District 9 David Russell Residence: Smithfield Estates Political experience: Member, Jefferson County and Alabama Democratic Executive Committee; member, Birmingham Water Works committee on rates; volunteer, voter registration drives. Professional experience: Administrative assistant at Alabama State University, 15 years; work in the insurance field. Civic experience: President, Neighborhood Block Watch in Smithfield Estates;

Reginald Swanson

Birmingham City Council, District 9 Reginald Swanson Age: 60 Residence: Pratt City Political experience: First time to seek elected office; appointed to and served as chair of the Birmingham-Jefferson County Transit Authority. Professional experience: Dentist in private practice, 1981-present; dentist for Jefferson County jail, 2006-2012; developer, owner and operator, Magnolia Terrace Senior-Handicap Housing, 40 units

James Williams Jr.

Birmingham City Council, District 9 James Williams Jr. Age: 47 Residence: South Pratt City Political experience: Ran unsuccessfully for the Birmingham City Council, 2012; public relations volunteer, Birmingham mayoral campaign, 2008. Professional experience: On-air radio personality J. Love, WBHK Today’s Kiss, 2000-present; host, Talkback Live 98.7, 2002-2009; on-air personality J. Love, WTUG, 2001-2002; Homeboy’s Restaurant