Grand Jury Investigating Local Government to Continue

Jefferson County Presiding Judge Joseph Boohaker said today that he has been told something will come from the state grand jury investigating Birmingham Water Works Board and other aspects of Birmingham and Jefferson County government.

“There will be something coming,” he said. “I have been assured.”

Boohaker recently told BirminghamWatch and other media that he would speak with Deputy Attorney General Matt Hart to determine whether the grand jury should continue.

“It will press on,” the judge said. “I had a chance to speak with Matt Hart and he assured me they are making progress. As long as they’re making progress, they will continue on.”

Boohaker said courthouse talk had indicated an end was in sight for the investigation. When the grand jury went longer than those rumors suggested, he turned to Hart.

“He said it’s a very complicated case,” the judge said. “It’s a very document-intensive case, so it’s going to take a little bit longer, probably through the balance of this year.”

An Alabama Attorney General’s Office spokesman also told BirminghamWatch that “nothing has changed” in the investigation.