Lee “Trip” Pittman (R)

U.S. Senate

Trip Pittman

Name: Lee “Trip” Pittman

Age: 57

Residence: Montrose

Political races run: Alabama Senate, 2007, 2010, 2014

Political offices held: Alabama Senate, 2007-present

Professional experience: Pittman Tractor Co., founder and owner.

Education: University of Alabama, bachelor’s in commerce and business administration, 1982.

Civic experience: Member, Baldwin County Planning and Zoning Commission and Bayside Academy board of trustees; affiliate, Alabama Policy Institute and Coastal Conservation Association.

Main issues: Wants to lower taxes and regulation; advocates religious freedom; calls for stronger military and reform of the Veterans Administration, and expansion of Second Amendment rights; will push a pro-life position; supports building of a border wall and enforcement of immigration laws.

Campaign web site:

Total contributions: $390,395

Contributions of $500 and up

$50,000: Loan from Pittman Lee Davidson Marbury, Montrose.

$5,400: A.C. Marsh, Anniston; Deborah S. Newberry, Fairhope; Rodney A. Pilot, Mobile; James B. Pittan, Montrose; Kiperly K. Rawson, Elberta; Taylor Waite, Daphne.

$2,700: James P. Achee, Montrose; Mark Stephen Booth, Tuscaloosa; Coleman J. Bryars, Bay Minette; Thomas E. Coker, Montgomery; Joseph M. Courtney Jr., Daphne; Kimberly W. Cox, Prattville; Ogden S. Deaton, Birmingham; Daniel G. Elcan, Mobile; Jamie M. Elcan, Mobile; Lloyd Joseph Fine, Montgomery; Travis Fitts, Houston, TX; John Geary, Atlanta, GA; Stacy Geary, Atlanta, GA; Robert B. Geddie, Montgomery; Kathleen Gill, Montrose; Nicholas Gill, Montrose; Phillip Hodgson, Daphne; Sandy B. Hodgson, Daphne; Tim Howe, Montgomery; H. Boyd Kelly Jr., Montgomery; Liane Kelly, Montgomery; G. J. Kennedy, Gulf Shores; William MacWilliam, Mobile; Ginger Marsh, Anniston; W. Joe McNeel, Montrose; James S. Nelson, Birmingham; William H. Newberry, Fairhope; Robert Pierce Jr., Birmingham; Jenna Pilot, Mobile; Parker Rennie Pittman, Fairhope; Ben M. Radcliff, Mobile; W. James Rane, Abbeville; Cody Rawson, Cantonment, FL; James E. Rawson, Elberta; Robert A. Schor, Brooklyn, NY.; Michael W. Sullivan, Birmingham; Daxton R. Swatek, Birmingham; University of South Alabama Federal PAC, Montgomery; Colette Waite, Daphne; Douglas C. Ward, Fairhope; Tom Whatley, Auburn; Stephen R. Windom, Mobile; Mark Wright, Daphne.

$2,500: Richard J. Brockman, Birmingham; Frank R. Brown Jr., Cullman; James Bryd; Daphne; Norman J. Estes, Northport; Debra S. James, Fairhope; Roger William James, Daphne; Angie Rebecca Lentz, Mobile; Mary Jo Letson, Town Creek; Christy Murphree, Cullman; William F. O’Conner Jr., Montgomery; Howard J. Porter, Auburn; Mark B. Reed, Daphne; Safe Harbor Financial Properties LLC, Daphne; Jonathan M. Traylor, Opelika; Roger W. Turenne, Deatsville; Tammy Turenne, Cecil; Penny Shirley Turner, Mobile; Thomas Bestor Ward, Mobile.

$2,000: AGLC LLC, Selma; Miles F. Jones, Fairhope; Marlin Moore, Tuscaloosa; Harris V. Morrissette, Saraland; John D. Northcutt III, Fairhope.

$1,500: Barry Booth, Spanish Fort; Darryl W. Bryant, Daphne; Allan Chason, Bay Minette; Cathy A. Matthews, Fairhope; Robert Mayes, Elberta; Gregory Ritchey, New Orleans, LA.

$1,000: Arthur Brasher, Brookwood; Martin Christie, Montgomery; Katherine P. Cox, Birmingham; Nathan Luke Cox, Daphne; Jacob L. Cunningham, Fairhope; Richard E. Davis, Daphne; Roland G. Fry, Daphne; David C. Gibson, Brookwood; Ruffin Graham III, Mobile; Doug Harrell, Fairhope; Richard C. Lacy Jr., Orange Beach; Dennis Latham, Hoover; Alan S. Mancuso, Mountain Brook; A.R. Maples, Fairhope; Arthur W. Orr, Decatur; Allen C. Phillips, Destin, FL; Jeff Quinnelly, Mobile; Terry J. Thompson, Daphne; David D. Wilkins, Gulf Shores; Charles Willis, Birmingham; George A. Woerner, Orange Beach; Thomas H. Yancy, Daphne.

$850: Thomas E. Cooley, Elberta; Minnie L. Mayes, Gulf Shores.

$750: Morgan Ashurst, Fairhope.

$710: Elliott Barker Sr., Valley Grande.

$500: AJM Properties, Birmingham; James S. Andrews, Birmingham; Rayburn H. Bailey, Mountain Brook; Frank M. Bell III, Mobile; Trent R. Boozer, Mountain Brook; Gene Brabston, Fairhope; Laurie W. Bramlett, Mountain Brook; Dennis Burne, Fairhope; Donnie Burne, Fairhope; Vince Cave, Mobile; Bobby Chandler, Mountain Brook; Stewart M. Cox, Mountain Brook; Lynn M. Creighton, Mountain Brook; John T. Crowder, Mobile; Sonny Culp, Mountain Brook; Randolph F. Cunningham, Fairhope; John John Darnall, Mountain Brook; John Delchamps, Mobile; Gaynell K. Dixon, Montgomery; Gregory G. Dobbins, Mountain Brook; Gary J. Ellis, Gulf Shore; Van P. Finger, Point Clear; Tish P. Fuller, Birmingham; Justin W. House, Uriah; Addison C. Hubbard, Mountain Brook; Lee Hurley, Mountain Brook; Spencer Johnson, Fairhope; Carol G. Kirkland, Mountain Brook; Thomas Layfield, Montgomery; L. Ellis Lord, Daphne; Tom Marbury, Mountain Brook; James H. McClendon, Springville; Stephen P. Morton, Florence; James T. Oates, Daphne; Hayden Olds, Fairhope; Lisa J. Price, New Orleans, LA; Debbie W. Quinn, Montrose; Greg J. Reed, Jasper; William E. Scully Jr., Daphne; Sandra H. Sims, Huntsville; Ruth Spencer, Mountain Brook; George G. Spottswood, Point Clear; William Vogel, Fairhope; Mark T. Waggoner, Mountain Brook; Arden D. Ward, Fairhope; Angie S. Webb, Birmingham; Clyde B. Weir, Elberta; Joe B. Wilkins Jr., Daphne.