2016 Primary Election

Richard C. Shelby (R)

U.S. Senate

Richard C. Shelby photoRichard C. Shelby

Date of birth: May 6, 1934; age 81

Residence: Tuscaloosa

Political experience: U.S. Senator, 1987-present; U.S representative, 1979-1987; state senator, 1970-1978.

Professional experience: Attorney, 1963-1978; special assistant attorney general, state of Alabama, 1969-1971; prosecutor, city of Tuscaloosa, 1963-1971; U.S. magistrate, Northern District of Alabama, 1966-1970.

Civic experience: Has served in Congress since 1978.

Education: Law degree, University of Alabama School of Law, 1963; bachelor’s degree, University of Alabama, 1957; graduate of Hueytown High School, 1953.

Top contributors: Huntington Ingalls Industries Inc. PAC, $11,000; Allstate Insurance Company PAC, $10,000; Capital Group Companies Inc. PAC, $10,000; CME Group Inc. PAC, $10,000; CFSA PAC, $10,000; Common Values PAC, $10,000; CULAC Credit Union National Association, $10,000; Denali Leadership PAC, $10,000; Employees of Northrop Grumman Corp PAC, $10,000; Federal Express PAC, $10,000; FNB Corporation PAC, $10,000; General Electric Company PAC, $10,000; Gold Sachs Group Inc. PAC, $10,000; Harris Corporation PAC, $10,000; Heartland Values PAC, $10,000; ICI PAC Investment Company Inst., $10,000; Independent Community Bankers PAC, $10,000; JPMorgan Chase & Co. PAC, $10,000; Kelly PAC, $10,000; METLIFE Inc. PAC, $10,000; Mortgage Bankers Association, $10,000; National Good Government Fund, $10,000; Next Century Fund, $10,000; Online Lenders Alliance PAC, $10,000; ORRIN PAC, $10,000; PNC PAC-Federal, $10,000; Polaris Industries Inc. PAC, $10,000; Promoting Our Republican Team PAC, $10,000; Quicken Loans Inc. PAC, $10,000; Reclaim America PAC, $10,000; Suntrust Bank Good Government Group-Mid-Atlantic, $10,000; The Home Depot Inc. PAC, $10,000; Title Industry PAC, $10,000; 21st Century Majority Fund, $10,000; USbancorp PAC, $10,000.

Main issues: If elected, the candidate wants to pay down national debt and spur economic growth by ending Obamacare and rules and regulations from executive agencies such as the Environmental Protection Agency; push for a smaller, more efficient government that encourages opportunity; propose a winning, comprehensive strategy to defeat ISIS and reengage the nation with the rest of the world; properly train, equip and support the military; put an immediate moratorium on Syrian refugees coming to the U.S. and stop executive action on gun control.

Campaign: www.shelbyforsenate.com