City Council - District 4

Sergio Williams

Birmingham City Council, District 4

Sergio Williams

Name: Sergio Williams

Age: 24

Residence: Woodlawn

Political experience: First run for political office

Education, including schools attended, degrees earned and dates: Graduate of Woodlawn High School, 2012; attends the Construction Education Foundation Association School of Construction.

Civic experience: Vice president and chair of the Education Committee for the Woodlawn Neighborhood Association. Is partnering with GASP to arrange community education events on pollution education and with Cooperative New School and Smithfield Dynamite-Hill Community Land Trust to address the ramifications of gentrification.

Top contributors: No contributors reported.

Main issues: Williams says on his campaign’s Facebook page that one of the reasons he’s running for council is that youth ages 18 to 30 are poorly represented in city government and rarely asked for their opinions. He wants to set an example showing youth have a lot to offer. He also is pushing education on the effects of pollution and gentrification on the neighborhoods. He said the community where he lived as a kid had a big influence on his life,  and he  wants to pay that forward by partnering with groups in the neighborhoods to make sure the needs of children in similar circumstances are met.

Williams did not respond to BirminghamWatch’s questionnaire.