Vann Caldwell (D)

Vann Caldwell

U.S. Senate

Name: Vann Caldwell

Age: 33

Residence: Talladega

Political races run: Mayor of Talladega, 2003 and 2015; Tuscaloosa City Council, 2009; Talladega County constable, 2016.

Political offices held: Talladega County constable, 2016-present.

Professional experience: Public safety agency at the University of Alabama, 2007-2013; researcher for U.S. District Judge Scott Coogler, 2010-2014; owner, Caldwell Protection LLC, 2013-present.

Education: University of Alabama, degrees in political science, 2009, and history, 2012, with concentrations in public administration and criminal Justice.

Civic experience: Became a freemason in 2007; president of West Alabama Shrine Club, 2015-2016.

Main issues: Would seek a balanced approach to economic growth in order to protect the environment and enrich the entire nation; strengthen education as the building block of the nation; advocate for a strong military and homeland security. In answer to a question from BW about major areas of federal spending in Alabama, Vann said he supported “growing Medicare and Medicaid and Social Security by securing and cutting waste out of government.”


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Contributors: Caldwell has not filed any contributions with the FEC.