Kim Rafferty

Birmingham City Council District 2

Kim Rafferty

Name: Kimberly Rafferty

Age: 51

Residence: South Roebuck

Political experience:  Elected to the Birmingham City Council in 2009 and 2013.

Professional experience:  Owner, Creative Rugs, 2001-2009.

Education: State University of New York, 1985-1987; associate’s in human services, University of Kentucky, 1987-1989; bachelor’s in history, UAB, 1989-2002.

Civic experience: Election worker, 1987-present; founder, Airport Neighbors United, 1999-2002; United Methodist Woman, 2004-present; baseball coach, cap ball and t-ball, 2005-2006; PTA officer, 2005-2007; volunteer, Meals on Wheels, 2007-present; executive committee, Huffman United Methodist Church, 2007-2009; U.S. Marine Corps League Brute Krulak Detachment Associate, 2014-present; National League of Cities Bronze Fellow Award, 2015; certified municipal officer, Alabama League of Municipalities, 2016. certified state of Alabama fire inspector, 2017.

Top Contributors: Richard Schmalz, $5,000; Ball Healthcare Services, $1,500; Church Transportation, $1,000.

Main issues: A member of the council since 2009, Rafferty wants to work to continue to improve the responsiveness of government services and to continue efforts to “champion the focus of the council to do its job respectfully with integrity and within legal parameters.” She also wants to continue work to refocus budget priorities on public safety, infrastructure and citizen services. She wants to improve housing in South Eastlake and Brown Springs, as well as complete park projects in Brown Springs, Crestline, Eastwood, Liberty Highlands, Roebuck Springs and South Eastlake. She called for a re-creation of the Birmingham Chamber of Commerce to rebuild the city’s retail districts. She also pledged to continue to respond “effectively and respectfully” to constituents’ issues and concerns and in helping grow pride in District 2 neighborhoods and in Birmingham as a whole.