ADPH Reports Another Drop in COVID-19 Activity

Coronavirus illustration. (Source: Centers for Disease Control and Prevention)

COVID-19 numbers in Alabama continue to fall, with the average numbers of new cases, deaths and hospitalizations all down in Tuesday’s update by the state Department of Public Health.

There were 1,549 new cases in the daily update, for a total of 802,977 throughout the pandemic. The state aveaged 1,478 new cases a day over the past week, down from 2,443 a week earlier and the lowest since a 7-day average of 1,379 on July 24.

After adding one death a day on Sunday and Monday, ADPH reported 71 on Tuesday to raise the total for the pandemic to 1,542. The 7-day average stood at 55, down from 99 on Tuesday of last week. ADPH typically processes few if any death reports on weekends, and it normally takes about two weeks for a death to be reported to the agency, confirmed and added to the total.

There were 1,126 COVID patients in Alabama hospitals on Monday, the lowest number since a report of 1,099 on July 27. The Alabama Hospital Association said there were 1,530 staffed ICU beds across the state, and 1,363 of them were occupied, including 31% who were being treated for the coronavirus.

The news about declining numbers of ICU patients was not uniform across the state.

The Decatur Daily reported that there were 16 COVID patients in ICU beds at Decatur Morgan Hospital on Monday, all on ventilators. The newspaper quoted hospital president Kelli Powers as saying, “We have several patients waiting on ICU beds.”