2018 Election

Ainsworth Holds Comfortable Fundraising Lead over Boyd in Lt Gov.’s Race

Source:: Alpha Stock Images

Republican Will Ainsworth continues to hold a lopsided lead over Democrat Will Boyd in fundraising for the lieutenant governor’s race, according to reports filed Monday with the Alabama Secretary of State’s Office.

Ainsworth, a member of the Alabama House of Representatives from Marshall County, reported raising $84,850 in itemized cash contributions from Oct. 10 to Oct. 19. He spent $113,764 during that period and has a cash balance of $353,100.

Boyd, a Florence minister, reported $660 in contributions during the period. He spent $1,182 and has an account balance of $5,335.

Ainsworth’s biggest contributors for the week were the Beasley, Allen law firm of Montgomery, the Retailers of Alabama Political Action Committee, and the Alabama Trucking Association’s Truk PAC, with $10,000 each. Overall for the campaign, Ainsworth’s biggest contributor is the Ala Forestry PAC, with $147,000.

Will A. Rose of Birmingham was Boyd’s biggest donor in the latest weekly report with a donation of $200.

Overall for the election cycle that began last year, Ainsworth has raised $1.11 million and spent $2.55 million, mostly in the Republican primary and runoff earlier this year.

Boyd has raised a total of $46,383 and spent $41,570. His largest contribution for the campaign has been $7,000 from Scott Ireland of Birmingham.

The two candidates meet in the Nov. 6 general election.