Alabama Added 106 Deaths a Day from COVID-19 Over Past Week

Coronavirus illustration. (Source: Centers for Disease Control and Prevention)

The Alabama Department of Public Health added 250 deaths from COVID-19 in its daily update Tuesday, pushing the total for the pandemic to 13,460.

The rate has increased by a record 106 deaths a day over the past week, according to ADPH reports. There had been a lull in reporting over the weekend, so part of the large number of deaths on Tuesday came from catching up with that. Still, officials note that while there is a lag of several days to two weeks in the reporting and confirmation of COVID deaths, the growing 7-day average reflects an increase in the number of people dying from the disease.

The state was averaging 32 deaths a day at the beginning of September and 43 last Tuesday.

ADPH reported 3,220 new cases of the coronavirus on Tuesday, raising the total for the pandemic to 775,531. That reflects a continued decline in the number of cases, with the 7-day average standing at 3,041 cases a day. That is down from an average of 5,538 cases a day on Sept. 1.