2018 Election

Alabama Chief Justice Contributions

Contributions of $5,000 and up for candidates in the Republican primary for Alabama chief justice. There is no Democratic primary.

 Tom Parker

$200,000: Progress for Justice PAC, Montgomery.

$14,900: Tom Parker, Montgomery.

$10,000: FarmPAC, Montgomery; Southeast Wood Treating Ltd., Montgomery.

$9,750: David H. Marsh, Birmingham; Hare, Wynn, Newell & Newton, Birmingham.

$5,000: BIZPAC, Montgomery.


Lyn Stuart


$100,000: Progress PAC, Montgomery.

$60,000: Alabama Builders PAC, Montgomery.

$50,000: MASPAC, Birmingham.

$35,000: COMP PAC, Montgomery.

$30,000: Automobile Dealers Association of Alabama Inc. Auto PAC, Montgomery; FAXPAC, Montgomery.

$25,000: ACJRC PAC, Montgomery.

$21,000: MAXPAC, Montgomery.

$20,000: IMPAC, Montgomery.

$15,000: BIPAC, Montgomery; CANPAC, Montgomery; CMG PAC II, Tuscaloosa; NEWPAC, Montgomery.

$13,000: Alabama Hospital Association PAC, Montgomery.

$10,000: ABC Merit PAC, Birmingham; Alabama Judicial Committee, Montgomery; Farm PAC, Montgomery; LEGPAC, Montgomery; Retailers of Alabama PAC, Montgomery; SAVEPAC, Montgomery; State Farm Agents and Associates of Alabama PAC, Tuscaloosa; Truk PAC, Montgomery; Alabama Realtors PAC, Montgomery.

$5,000: EDPAC, Montgomery; Michael D. Thompson, Birmingham; Pride PAC II, Tuscaloosa; Raymond J. Harbert, Birmingham; TELPAC, Montgomery.