Alabama Has Its First Cases of COVID-19; Public K-12 Schools to Close for 2½ Weeks

Coronavirus. Source: CDC

A Jefferson County case became the second confirmed coronavirus case in Alabama late Friday, along with a Montgomery County case reported earlier in the day. There also are three other suspected cases in the state, according to Jefferson County Health Department Director Dr. Mark Wilson.

Gov. Kay Ivey announced this afternoon that all public K-12 schools in the state will close after March 18 for 2½ weeks.

Wilson said the Jefferson County case is an international traveler.

The Montgomery man, who is self-isolating and not hospitalized, had traveled out of state, Wilson announced earlier today.

Though Alabama had not had a confirmed case until today, the state’s health officer said Thursday that he believed there were cases in the state that had not been diagnosed.

The governor has declared a state of emergency because of the virus. In a tweet this afternoon, she urged people not to be fearful but to take a commonsense approach to the situation.

“We have taken a calm and collected approach in preparation for this first confirmed case, and we need to remember that calm and steady wins the race. Alabamians should not be fearful, but instead, use commonsense to watch out for themselves and others. We will remain engaged on the matter and continue prioritizing the health and wellbeing of all Alabamians.”