The Legacy of Race

Alabama Law Enforcement Academy Topics

The Alabama Law Enforcement Academy’s 2020 syllabus includes:

  • 8 hours of introductory topics
  • 72 hours on criminal investigations, which includes major crimes and the practices of handling complaints, crime scenes, evidence and searches
  • 63 hours on laws and court procedure, including laws surrounding arrests, handling of suspects after arrests and civil rights
  • 6 hours on juvenile procedures
  • 16 hours on patrol techniques
  • 61 hours on traffic operations, such as accidents and rules of the road
  • 109 hours on offensive and defensive tactics and physical fitness
  • 55 hours of firearms training
  • 94 hours of general topics, a broad set of topics that range from effective report writing and use of police radio to explosives, gangs, domestic violence, mental health issues, terrorism and other situations an officer might encounter
  • 36 hours spent on various exams and reviews.