2018 Elections

Amber Ladner

Amber Ladner

Jefferson County Circuit Court Judge, Place 27

Amber Ladner

Party: Democrat

Age: 42

Residence: Birmingham

Political experience: Ran for a Circuit Court criminal judgeship in 2010.

Professional experience: Founding partner of Bradford Ladner, LLP; Owner of Amber Ladner, LLC; attorney with Luker, Cole, and Associates, LLC; former mental health specialist with Diamond Grove Community Counseling Services; former family support specialist with Gateway Family and Child Services; former librarian with the Birmingham School of Law Library.

Education: Juris doctorate, Birmingham School of Law; bachelor’s, William Carey College; associate’s, Mississippi Gulf Coast Community College.

Main issues: “It is important to me that every person that comes before me as a judge is treated with respect and dignity. I believe that people should be able to have their day in court without being penalized for having a jury trial. I believe that sentences should be structured to fit the individual before the court that adequately punishes the person for their crime, but also rehabilitates the individual so that the person can make the most of their second chance. I would like to partner with people in the county to provide opportunities for these individuals so that they can make better choices for the future. I believe that many individuals need guidance, proper education, stable jobs, and support and stability of community. People’s lives are altered forever in this court and the judge plays an important role in how it shapes that person and their families’ lives forever.”

Campaign: www.electamberladner.com