2018 Elections

Amyrtle M. Allen

Amyrtle M. Allen

Jefferson County District Judge, Place 12

Amyrtle M. Allen

Age: 45

Residence: Midfield

Political experience: First political race.

Professional experience: Has been representing indigent families in Family Court and hearing cases as a special master or special judge since 2007; presides over a docket each Friday consisting of child support cases, objections to the referee and other cases. Previously worked as a law clerk for two presiding Family Court judges.

Education: Bachelor’s in criminal justice from Faulkner University, 2003; juris doctorate from Birmingham School of Law, 2006.

Issues:  Allen believes her courtroom experience has prepared her for the District Court bench.

“My training and experience consist of on-the-job training as a judicial law clerk, a practicing attorney, and as a Special Circuit Court Judge. The Place 11 district court judge will be charged with deciding complex legal issues that are critical in the success and survival of the family structure within our communities.”

She added, “In order to be successful the candidate for this office must have good judicial temperament, patience, and be fair and knowledgeable of the law. As a practicing attorney and as a Special Circuit Court Judge, I have faced those issues and have worked to reunify families, to ensure that parties receive due process of law, and to ensure that delinquent juveniles receive services in order to achieve rehabilitation.”

Top contributors: Amyrtle M. Allen $2,079; Amyrtle C. Davis, $100; Barbara H. Carmichael, $100.

Campaign: electamyrtlemallen@gmail.com