2016 General Election

As If We Needed Reminders, Anyway…


If you had been stricken with amnesia and couldn’t remember who was running for president, you wouldn’t have gotten any clues as you approached polling places in Jefferson County.

Despite the complete inundation of news and ads and chatter about Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton the past several months as they pushed toward their epic showdown, there was literally no sign for either around voting precincts in Jefferson County.

Was this some new political strategy? Were party leaders here trying to give voters a break, fearing they suffered from candidate fatigue?

Nope. They two parties just didn’t have any signs for the candidates at the top of their tickets.

Sallie Bryant, chairwoman of the Jefferson County Republican Party, said her group gave out 5,500 signs during the past month or two for people to post in their yards and at various events.

“We had absolutely none left to put at the polling places,” she said. “Not even one. They were all gone. There wasn’t anything intentional about it. People just kept wanting signs.”

Jefferson County Republicans had four headquarters, and each doled out all of its Trump-Pence signs.

Richard Mauck, chairman of the Jefferson County Democratic Party, delivered a similar message, saying most of the signs for Clinton went to individuals.

“We went with the Vote Straight Democratic Ticket signs at all the polls,” he said. “We didn’t have any signs for Hillary. Seriously, we didn’t have any signs. The very few Hillary signs we had, (were) used to raise funds for the state Democratic Party.”

Mauck said that plan was not so unusual. “There were not that many Obama signs (at the polls) last time,” he said. “It was very tight for signage.”