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Bill to Require County School Superintendents Be Appointed Clears Senate

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Legislation from Sen. Tom Butler, R-Huntsville, would require that county school superintendents be appointed, not elected.

Senate Bill 222 received a 19-10 vote in the Senate last week and moves to the House.

Currently, 37 of the state’s 137 superintendents are elected. All city system leaders are appointed.

A similar bill was approved by the Senate last year but died in the House without a vote.

Butler’s bill is in the House Education Policy Committee today.

Also on the committee’s agenda is House Bill 150 by Rep. Danny Garrett, R-Trussville, to limit the elected members of the state board of education to two four-year terms. The bill says current board members could have one additional term.

Three current members of the nine-member board have already served more than two terms and two are on their second terms.