City of Birmingham

Birmingham Dismisses Tickets Issued Before 2011

Birmingham Mayor Randall Woodfin has announced pardons for more than 756,000 outstanding traffic and parking violations that were issued before Jan. 1, 2011.

Woodfin characterized the initiative, called Stop and Go — an acronym for Suspend Traffic Obligations Permanently & Grant Opportunities — as a “second chance” for residents living under the threat of fines or arrest. It excludes felonies, misdemeanors and serious driving offenses such as DUIs. Some outstanding traffic fines date back as far as 1958, Woodfin said.

“Many of these (violations) represent individuals who have experienced devastating financial hardships,” Woodfin said in a press conference Tuesday. “Some of them have experienced homelessness or are homeless. Some of those people cannot read their parking or traffic ticket because of illiteracy, and some have been incarcerated for a significant amount of time. Some of them are afraid to walk in City Hall, to go down to municipal court, afraid to do business or even call the Birmingham Police Department if they need help because of warrants that exist from not paying these fines. I just think it’s time we do something about that.”

Fines from those outstanding cases would total about $35 million, but because the city does not recognize revenue until it’s collected, the Stop and Go pardons will not affect the city budget. “I do want the public to know there is no debt associated with this within our city’s budget,” Woodfin said.

His message to recipients of the pardon? “You are forgiven.”

“It’s a new day, and it’s a new opportunity for you to go about your business,” he added.

The tickets already have been pardoned, and no action is required to have your offenses wiped from the record.

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