2018 Election

The BirminghamWatch Voters’ Toolbox Prepares You to Choose Your Candidates, Cast Your Vote and Deal With Problems If They Arise

(Source: Solomon Crenshaw Jr.)

BirminghamWatch has put together a list of tools to help you make it through Tuesday’s election without having an anxiety attack or leaving the polls with regret.

Prepare to Vote

Registration and Polls: You can verify whether you are registered and find out what polling place you must use at this page on the Secretary of State Office’s AlabamaVotes.gov site. You also can check the status of your provisional or absentee ballot on the same page.

Research Your Races and Your Candidates

You can get information about which races and candidates will be on the specific ballot for your area at the League of Women Voters’ Vote411.

The website also asked major candidates to answer a questionnaire about their main issues and a series of other questions, and you can read the answers submitted by candidates who returned the questionnaire.

The Vote Smart Facts Matter website also collects information about votes, positions and speeches by current and previous officeholders in some races, particularly federal races.

Research Campaign Funding: If you’re interested in knowing more about the source of funds backing the candidates, you can look up their detailed contribution and spending reports on the Secretary of State’s website. You also can research by contributor to see all the political donations a particular person or group has made. Or you can look up all donations made in a range of amounts or on specific dates at the same site.

Cast Your Vote at the Polls

When you go to the polls, you’ll have to show poll workers a photo ID. Those can include a many forms of  IDs, including driver’s license, nondriver ID, college ID and any other state and federally issued ID card, including government employee IDs, military IDs and tribal IDs. Find more information about photo voter identification here.

Provisional Ballot: If you go to the polling place and your name does not appear on the list of registered voters, the poll worker should contact the local Board of Registrars to determine whether you are eligible to vote and at the right polling place. Even if the Board of Registrars cannot immediately verify that, you should be allowed to cast a provisional ballot, which allows voting officials to determine later whether your ballot should be counted.

Voting Fraud: If you suspect fraud at the polls or in campaign financing, you can report those issues to the Secretary of State’s Office. One lets you report instances of suspected voter fraud. You can file a report online, print a form and fax it to 334-242-2444, or call 800-274-VOTE (8683). The other lets you report suspected fraud in campaign financing, or you can fax or call the same numbers as above.