2022 Alabama Elections

Brian Christine, Republican, State Senate District 15

Brian Christine

Brian Christine

State Senate District No. 15

Party:  Republican

Residence: Mountain Brook

Professional experience: Urologist specializing in men’s health at Urology Centers of Alabama; author or coauthor of articles on surgical treatment, lectures as an invited specialist and travels extensively to demonstrate surgical techniques.

Education: MD from Emory University

Main issues: Favors a state lottery for college and trade school scholarships and to help young farmers get a start; pro-life; supports resisting federal mandates; supports prescribed medical marijuana but does not support legalizing marijuana in general; wants to lift grocery tax and repeal the most recent state gas tax.

Top contributors: $125,378: Brian & Helena Christine. $5,000: Breast Care Center of Birmingham LLC. $3,000: Sheri Christine. $2,900: Douglas Eckert, Bobby Christine. $2,500: David Amerson. $2,000: Paige Christine. $1,500: Allen C. Harris. $1,041: Jimmie Harvey. $1,000: Heyward Hosch, Jeffrey & Tracie Dugas, Kathleen I. Christine, Leon C. Hamrick Jr., Barbara & Steven Wilson, Sharon & Howard Day.

Campaign Info: brianchristineforsenate.com, https://www.facebook.com/christinefor15