Birmingham City Schools

BW Special Report: An Introduction to Birmingham Schools, From A to F

(Source: Julianna Hunter)

The quality of education in Birmingham city schools varies across the city. Some schools, such as Phillips Academy, are rated “A” by the state Department of Education, while the report cards for other schools are not as promising.

Despite gains this year, Birmingham’s city schools overall still lag behind the rest of the state, scoring a D on the state report card while schools across the state average a C. (See what the numbers mean.)

Many factors influence the quality of education a child gets in school, from absenteeism to issues surrounding poverty to the school administration itself.

Here are profiles of some of Birmingham’s low-scoring schools that also are on the failing schools list, along with a profile of the city’s top-performing school, Phillips Academy.


Phillips Academy

Students: 703

Teachers: 41

Education Report Card 2017-2018: A (92)

Failing Schools List: None

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Wenonah High School

Hayes K-8

W.E. Putnam Middle School

Jones Valley Middle School