Alabama Legislature

A Call to Call: BSC Alumni Again Urged to Appeal to Legislators to Save Their School

Alumni of Birmingham-Southern College have again received a call to contact state legislators, this time to seek a rewrite of last year’s legislation that had been designed to provide a reprieve from the college’s possible closing.

BSC President Daniel B. Coleman wrote in a letter to alumni that no one had expected that the college would need to return to the Legislature this year. Last year, it approved a loan program for distressed educational institutions. But the Alabama treasurer then denied BSC’s request for the $30 million loan from the state that lawmakers had discussed.

“Now, after months of deliberate delays and an ill-timed denial, we are headed back to Montgomery with a proposed amendment that will carry out the Legislature’s intent. And we need your help,” Coleman wrote in his letter.

Coleman wrote that last year’s success was due in large part to the “tidal wave of calls, emails, postcards, letters and personal visits” legislators received from voters. He urged BSC supporters to pile on the pressure again by contacting their legislators and asking their friends to, too. The letter gave tips for what supports should say, emphasizing the school’s contributions to the state and its nearly $100 million impact in the state each year.

“The more Montgomery hears from people who care about BSC, the better our chances of success,” Coleman concluded his letter.