2024 Election

Candidates on the Jefferson County Democratic Primary Ballot

These candidates will be shown on the ballots given to Jefferson County residents who vote in the Democratic primary March 5. There are no Democrats in contested statewide races. Follow the links for profile information.

President of the United States

Joseph R. Biden, Jr.

Dean Phillips


U.S. Representative, 7th District

Chris Davis
Terri A. Sewell

Circuit Court Judge, 10th Circuit Place 5

David Carpenter
Minnie L. Tunstall

Circuit Court Judge, 10th Circuit Place 13

Frederic A. Bolling
Charity Gilchrist-Davis

District Court Judge, Jefferson County Place 3

Pamela Wilson Cousins
Jacquelyn Grant-Jones

LaKitia Hall-Wright

District Court Judge, Jefferson County Place 11

Chuantae Brown
Hope Marshall

Circuit Clerk, Jefferson County

Jackie Anderson-Smith

Sarah E. “Sarah Beth” Conkle

Judge of Probate, Jefferson County, Place 1

Yashiba (Red) Blanchard

Lee Wendell Loder

Yawanna Nabors McDonald

Joi L. Travis

Everett Wess

Jefferson County Asst. Tax Collector, Bessemer

Ves Marable

Ron Marshall

Leshawna “MyKeshia” Myles-Jones

Joan D. Singleton

Angela Webb-Weinberg (dropped campaign)

Statewide Amendment 1

Proposing an amendment to the Constitution of Alabama of 2022, to amend Section 71.01 authorizing the Legislature to sign and transmit local laws or constitutional amendments before the transmission of basic appropriations.(Proposed by Act 2023-562)