2018 Election

Carin Mayo

Carin Mayo

State Representative, District No. 43

Carin Mayo

Party: Democrat

Residence: Hoover

Political experience: None

Professional experience: Manager II, Master of Public Administration Program, University of Alabama at Birmingham, 2013-present; fundraiser, 2009-present; instructor/Academic & Student Support Services, UAB, 2010-2013; performer/classical singer, 1992-2013; executive management intern, City of Vestavia Hills, 2012-2013; advisory committee/editorial staff, Humanities Education Research Association Publications, 2011-2012; staff, private practice law firm, 2001-2009; office manager, National Labor Relations Board,1993-2001.

Education: Master in Public Administration, University of Alabama at Birmingham.

Civic experience: Member, Hoover City School System’s Strategic Planning Committee and Superintendent’s Advisory Committee.

Main issues: The candidate on her website said she wants to work across the aisle to find common ground. “We need to act with compassion to ensure that all citizens have affordable, sustainable healthcare. Alabama missed the mark from both a healthcare and economic standpoint when we did not take advantage of the Medicaid Expansion opportunity that could have created a potential 30,000 jobs and returned millions of dollars in revenue to our economy by expanding healthcare coverage for more people.”

She also said high schools need to invest in technical training so students who do not choose to go to college graduate with the skills to be productive and self-sustaining. And she said the state needs to protect its natural resources while finding innovative ways to increase tourism revenue and boost economic development.

Top contributors: Shelby County Dems PAC, $1,578; Beth Ann Higgs, $1,000; Dr. John McGuiness, $1,000; Jeannie Leighton, $1,000; Shelby County Democratic Committee, $1,000; Carin Mayo, $925; Mr. Joseph Meadow, $500; Dr. Wendy Gunther-Canada, $350; The Comedy Club Stardome, $218.

Campaign: https://www.carinmayo2018.com