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Pettway Retains Sheriff’s Office, New BOE Member Elected, Ivey and Britt Claim Expected Wins

Jefferson County Sheriff Mark Pettway said his experience and the programs he has in place made the difference in him defeating challenger Jared Hudson during Tuesday’s election.

Pettway, a Democrat, took 52.09% of the vote against Republican challenger Jared Hudson, who got 47.84%, in unofficial election results released Tuesday night.

“Our numbers are good,” the reelected sheriff said during a celebration at the Canvass Center. “The numbers are trending down in the right direction so Jefferson County is safe. We’re doing a very good job. The deputies are all doing a great job throughout Jefferson County. We appreciate the work and we’re proud of the work that they’re doing.”

Pettway cited the Crisis Care Center, which is set to open in a few weeks, as an asset for his department. “That is gonna be a game-changer for everybody here in law enforcement, as well as those that are looking to get treatment.”

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Congresswoman Terry Sewell also celebrated at the Canvass Center as she, too, was reelected to the U.S. House of Representatives District 7 seat.

“I’m excited that the Democrats went large and it was much better than people anticipated,” Sewell said. “We’re very excited to be here in Jefferson County.”

In other Jefferson County races of note, newcomer Stephanie Floyd, a Democrat, beat out incumbent Republican Donna Pike to take a seat on the Jefferson County Board of Education. Floyd took 62.07% of the vote to Pike’s 37.86%.

On the statewide level, Gov. Kay Ivey claimed another term and Katie Britt was elected to her first term in the U.S. Senate.

Voters also approved an editing and recompilation of the state’s constitution that in part removed defunct racist language that had remained in the 1901 governing document. Read more.

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Racist wording is still in the Alabama Constitution. Voters can erase it.

The Alabama Constitution of 1901 contains racist language regarding slavery, poll taxes, and school segregation.
Since the constitution was written in 1901, federal laws and court decisions have rendered much of this racist verbiage void, but the language remains in the state’s governing document.
Voters on Tuesday have the choice of whether to remove that language from the state’s constitution and whether to simplify what is now the longest operational constitution in the world. Read more.

Jefferson County Sheriff Faces Republican Challenger on Tuesday’s Ballot

Incumbent Jefferson County Sheriff Mark Pettway is facing Republican challenger Jared Hudson on Tuesday’s general election ballot.
Pettway says he is the best candidate for Jefferson County sheriff because he has experience doing the job and cites falling crime statistics. Hudson says he’s the better option because he would bring his experience as a Navy SEAL to the table, and he cites rising crime statistics.
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