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Republicans Back Ivey to Return to Governor’s Seat, GOP Senate Race Headed to Runoff

It looks like Gov. Kay Ivey has won the Republican nomination for governor without a runoff, despite having eight opponents.

At 11 p.m., she had more than 55% of the vote. Lindy Blanchard was a distant second with slightly more than 19% of the vote. Tim James was the only other candidate with double-digit support, clocking in with slightly less than 16% of the vote.

On the Democratic side, it appears Yolanda Rochelle Flowers and Malika Sanders Fortier will face each other in a runoff June 21. They ended the day in a virtual tie with about 33% of the vote each.

The race for the Republican nomination to the U.S. Senate also appears to be going to a runoff. Katie Britt was the leader with about 45% of the vote, and Mo Brooks trailed with less than 29% of the vote. But she did not get the 50% + 1 votes needed to win the nomination outright.

Wil Boyd easily captured the Democratic nomination with 64% of the vote.

In Jefferson County, Sheriff Mark Pettway appears to have easily won re-nomination with 77% of the vote, and Jefferson County Commissioner Sheila Tyson reclaimed her seat with more than 86% of the vote.

The general election will be in November.

Party Match-Ups Go to the Voters in Balloting Tuesday

The races for governor and a seat in the U.S. Senate are at the top of the ballots Tuesday, but there are far more offices at stake. Seats in the Alabama House of Representatives and the Senate are up for grabs, along with the county sheriff’s office, county board of education seats and judgeships.

Voters in Jefferson County will be selecting party nominees for more than 30 races. Almost 125 candidates are on the Republican and Democratic ballots combined.

The candidates who win their primary bids will be on the ballot in November. If no candidate in a race receives a majority vote, the top two votegetters will go head-to-head in party runoffs June 21.

Before you go to vote, you can read about each of the candidates, get printable versions of the sample ballots and see more coverage from our media partners in the BirminghamWatch Voter Guide. Read more.

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