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The Pandemic Takes a Psychological Toll as Well as a Physical One

Panic. Fear. Anxiety. Stress.

If any of these words describe how you’re feeling these days, you’re not alone, judging by what people are saying and doing in the face of the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.

From the locust-like razing of grocery store shelves; to the closing of schools, nursing homes and houses of worship; to the canceling of concerts, political primaries, and other large events; to the ever escalating public restrictions — you can’t meet in groups of 500, no – 250, no – 50, no, better make that 25, no – let’s make that 10, just to be safe — the virus seems to have infected daily life on a scale no one expected.

There is some good-ish news if you’re experiencing uneasy feelings: it’s normal to feel that way. But it matters what you do with those feelings, said Joshua Klapow, a clinical psychologist with the UAB School of Public Health. Read more.

Life Goes on Despite the Coronavirus Threat

Many folks may be lying low because of the coronavirus threat or locked in lines under harsh fluorescent lights trying to stock up on toilet paper. But you would not have known it Saturday afternoon in Railroad Park.

As passing clouds competed with the sun, people of all ages and backgrounds were in the park’s walkways and open spaces. There were dog-walkers, families, skateboarders, picnickers, Frisbee enthusiasts, sunbathers, kids on scooters and even a young lady in a ballgown celebrating her Quinceañera (15th birthday) with about a dozen friends, relatives and photographers. Read more.

StoryCorps Founder Brings One Small Step Event to Birmingham

For more than 15 years, StoryCorps has provided people across the U.S. the opportunity to record and preserve the stories of their lives. Now, the organization is taking that idea to another level with One Small Step. It brings people with differing political views together with the hope of better understanding each other. Birmingham has been a test site. WBHM’s Janae Pierre talked with StoryCorps founder Dave Isay. Read more.

Crisis Center Hopes to Reach Rural Sex Abuse Survivors With Mobile Unit

There are no clues on the outside of the RV, no labels or identifiers, but inside is a fully functioning clinic. Rebecca Henderson leads the way up the stairs, where a sofa sits lined with pillows and a blanket.

“This is where we do the counseling,” Henderson says. “And so, it’s pretty homey in here. And you know, I try to decorate it to be nice and comfortable.”

In the back of the mobile unit is a medical exam room, equipped to conduct sexual assault exams and other medical screenings.
The Crisis Center launched the mobile unit this summer. The Birmingham-based non-profit offers free services for victims of sexual violence – including rape response, counseling and advocacy – and reaches into Blount, Jefferson, Walker and St. Clair counties. Read more.

Proposed Center for Birmingham’s Civil Rights District Draws Skepticism

Part of Birmingham’s identity was forged by the civil rights movement. A proposed development would build on that history through an internationally-recognized leadership center. The Global Forum for Freedom and Justice would be a major addition to the Birmingham Civil Rights District. The $40 million proposal is the brainchild of Washington, D.C. philanthropist Wayne Reynolds, and it’s generating skepticism in some parts of the community. WBHM’s Andrew Yeager spoke with Birmingham Business Journal editor Ty West about the plans. Read more.