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A Bad Day for Incumbents: 2 Birmingham Councilors, 1 BOE Member Defeated in Runoffs

Two incumbent city councilors and one incumbent school board member were unseated during Birmingham’s municipal runoff election Tuesday.

Council President William Parker and District 9 Councilor John Hilliard lost their seats to political newcomers Jonathan “J.T.” Moore and LaTonya Tate, respectively, while Douglas Ragland lost his seat on the Birmingham Board of Education to his predecessor, Sherman Collins Jr.

Jason Meadows, meanwhile, handily beat Le’Darius Hilliard in a race for the school board’s District 9 seat. Read more.

Voting Tuesday in Birmingham Council and BOE Runoffs

Voters in parts of Birmingham return to the polls today to make final decisions in two races for the Birmingham City Council and two for the Birmingham Board of Education.

The city’s election was held Aug. 24, when voters reelected Mayor Randall Woodfin and selected representatives for seven of the City Council seats and seven of the board of education seats.

The runoff is being held because no candidate in two council races, districts 4 and 9, and two board races, districts 1 and 9, received more than half the votes.s. Read more.

More information about the election:

Birmingham Council and BOE Runoff Candidates.
Voting Information

Two Incumbents, Including President, Ousted from Board of Education

Two members of the Birmingham Board of Education, including President Daagye Hendricks, were defeated in Tuesday’s election, and a third incumbent was forced into a runoff.

Challenger Derrick Billups got 55% of the votes to oust District 4 member and board President Daagye Hendricks.

District 2 incumbent Terri Michal fell to Neonta Williams, who collected 56% of the vote in the two-candidate field.

In District 1, challenger Sherman Collins Jr. narrowly led incumbent Douglas Lee Ragland in a three-way race, but neither got a majority and they will meet in a runoff Oct. 5. Each got 43% of the vote, with Collins leading by 13 votes.
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Woodfin Reelected Birmingham Mayor in Landslide

As the newly reelected mayor of Birmingham stepped to the stage upstairs at The Fennec in the Parkside District, a few hundred people chanted, “We’re With Woodfin,” and “Four More Years.”

Indeed, they were with Randall Woodfin at the ballot box on Tuesday. As a result, the incumbent pushed aside seven challengers and earned another four-year term in office.

“The energy in this room tonight doesn’t reflect me,” he said. “It reflects us. The energy in this room is the definition of Team Birmingham.”

In total, 36,790 Birmingham residents went to the polls Tuesday, for a voter turnout of 25.27%.

Incumbents did well in the City Council election, with six of the nine incumbent councilors being returned to their seats outright and two more heading to an Oct. 5 runoff. Incumbents on the city’s board of education didn’t fare as well. Read more.

Strong Campaign Propels Birmingham Mayor Randall Woodfin to a Second Term (WBHM)

2021 Birmingham City Election Results

Six City Council Members Win Reelection; Parker and Hilliard Face Runoffs

Though two of them will have to fight for their seats in an Oct. 5 runoff election, Tuesday’s municipal election proved friendly to incumbents on the Birmingham City Council, with six councilors retaining their seats outright, despite a crowded slate of challengers.

Councilors facing multiple challengers had to receive over 50% of the vote to avoid triggering an Oct. 5 runoff election with the second-place candidate. Most were successful, but two — District 4’s William Parker and District 9’s John Hilliard — were not and will faces runoffs on Oct. 5.
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