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Prosecutors Recommend Home Detention, Fine for Rogers on Fraud and Obstruction Plea

State Rep. John Rogers, the longest-serving member of the Alabama House of Representatives, agreed Monday to resign his office and plead guilty to fraud and obstruction charges.

Rogers, an 83-year-old Birmingham Democrat, is accused in a kickback scheme that involved giving $400,000 from the taxpayer-funded Jefferson County Community Service Fund to the Piper Davis Youth Baseball League and then, along with his assistant, receiving $200,00 of that money back. Read more.

The Alabama Legislature is returning. Here’s what to expect.

The Alabama Legislature will kick off the 2024 session on Tuesday with work on the state’s two budgets and a host of other issues awaiting them.

Lawmakers this year are expected to take up legislation that would create a voucher-like program for schools in the state and possible legislation creating mandatory kindergarten or something very close to it. Legislators may also consider bills on gambling; ethics and trafficking and kidnapping. Read more.

Givan Bill Would Require Fathers to Pay for Abortions or Have Vasectomies

UPDATED — Alabama Rep. Juandalynn Givan, D-Birmingham is introducing a bill in the upcoming session that would require a father either to pay in the rare case that a woman has an abortion in Alabama or to have a vasectomy.

Addressing more common issues, Givan’s bill would add exceptions to the state’s abortion law in cases of incest and rape and to preserve the health of the mother. Now, the state’s law allows an abortion only to prevent a serious health risk to the mother. Read more.

Commissioners Endorse Amendment 1, Say It’s Needed to Address Local Issues

The Jefferson County Commission on Thursday passed a resolution endorsing Amendment 1 on the March 5 ballot, but not before two commissioners gained greater understanding of the measure.

Joe Knight explained during Tuesday’s committee meeting that the amendment would make it easier for legislators to pass local legislation earlier in the session. It would allow legislators to take up bills that are specific to one county before it takes up the state’s budgets. Normally, the legislators must have 3/5 of a quorum vote to OK a budget isolation resolution, which allows them to take on other bills before the budgets. It often is late in the session before the budgets are passed. Read more.

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JeffCo Commission Considers Backing Amendment to Make Passing Local Laws Easier

JeffCo Commission Considers Backing Amendment to Make Passing Local Laws Easier

The Jefferson County Commission on Thursday will be considering its support for an amendment on the March 5 ballot that would make it easier for legislators to pass local legislation earlier in the session.

The resolution supporting the adoption of Amendment 1 was discussed in the commission’s committee meeting Tuesday. District 4 Commissioner Joe Knight, president of the Association of County Commissions of Alabama, explained following the meeting that the amendment simplifies matters that are specific to individual counties.

“The commission is saying we’re in support of voting for Amendment 1, which is an amendment that will take off the BIR (budget isolation resolution) requirement hurdle before you can get to your local legislation if the budgets haven’t passed,” Knight said. “And they’re never passed until late.” Read more.