2018 Elections

Cavanaugh Maintains Contribution Lead Against Ainsworth in Lt. Gov. Race

Will Ainsworth and Twinkle Andress Cavanaugh

Twinkle Andress Cavanaugh continues to build her advantage over Will Ainsworth in campaign contributions, according to financial reports filed Monday by the two candidates for the Republican nomination for lieutenant governor.

Cavanaugh, president of the Alabama Public Service Commission, reported that she collected $89,138 in contributions and spent $302,479 during the first week of July. Since the beginning of the campaign, she has raised $1.93 million in itemized contributions and spent $1.89 million. She reported a balance of $45,397.

Ainsworth, a state representative from Guntersville, reported raising $50,000 during the first week of July and spending $14,575. Overall, he has collected $1.21 million in itemized contributions and spent $2.23 million, leaving a balance of $27,483 as the campaign heads into its final week. Ainsworth has loaned $1 million to his own campaign.

The two will meet in a July 17 runoff for the Republican nomination. The winner will face Willie Boyd Jr., who was unopposed for the Democratic nomination, in the November general election.

Following are contributors of $5,000 and up to Ainsworth and Cavanaugh.



$147,000 – Alabama Forestry PAC, Montgomery.

$40,000 – Gregory Rader, Columbus, MS.

$35,000 – North Alabama PAC, Huntsville.

$30,000 – Burkes Mechanical, Brent.

$25,000 – Roy Drinkard, Cullman.

$23,000 – FarmPAC, Montgomery.

$20,000 – Kabco Builders Inc., Boaz.

$17,500 – David Marsh, Birmingham; Keith Bennett, Boaz.

$17,000 – Browns Creek Cattle Company LLC, Guntersville; William Ainsworth, Guntersville.

$16,750 – BIZPAC, Montgomery.

$16,400 – Forest PAC, Montgomery.

$16,250 – Sharon Ainsworth, Guntersville.

$12,500 – FGAPAC, Montgomery.

$11,500 – Madison Materials Inc., Guntersville.

$11,000 – Charles Claborn, Athens.

$10,000 – American Fire Protection LLC, Birmingham; CANPAC, Montgomery; Douglas Eddleman, Birmingham; EDPAC, Montgomery; Flanagan Contracting LLC, Birmingham; Harbin Family Ltd Partnership, Scottsboro; John Wories, Chicago, IL; Jose Rivas, Demopolis; Joseph Phifer, Birmingham; Kent Upton, Birmingham; P&C Construction Inc., Chattanooga, TN; Patrick Wallace, Dallas, TX; Pinnacle Rental and Supply LLC, Albertville; Pride PAC II, Tuscaloosa; SMTG Inc., Albertville; Southeastern Land Group, Inc., Dadeville; TELPAC, Montgomery; The Innovation PAC, Montgomery; Trinity Industries Employee PAC, Dallas, TX; Tucker Milling LLC, Guntersville.

$7,500 – Lambert Inc., Stevenson; Republic Bank, Oak Brook, IL; William Scott, Opelika.

$7,000 – FAXPAC, Montgomery.

$6,750 – Alabama Deer Association, Huntsville.

$6,000 – Bryant Mastin, Guntersville; Curtis Pilot, Mobile; Daphne Fonde, Mobile; Davis Pilot Jr., Mobile; Frank Mastin, Boaz; Grace Pilot, Mobile; Pat Courington Jr., Albertville; Rodney Pilot, Fairhope; Stanley Parker, Morris.

$5,000 – ABCNA-Merit PAC, Huntsville; Alabama First PAC, Montgomery; American Pharmacy Cooperative Inc., Bessemer; Austin Ainsworth, Huntsville; Capitol Resources PAC, Montgomery; Clinton Johnston, Birmingham; CMG PAC II, Tuscaloosa; Davis Lee Companies LLC, Huntsville; Deaver Industries Inc., Bessemer; Dennis R. Weaver PC, Birmingham; Douglas Oberhelman, Edwards, IL; Duane Donner, Birmingham; Edward Campbell III, Shreveport, LA; First Decade PAC, Montgomery; Gulf Distributing Holdings LLC, Mobile; Hastings Sykes, Vestavia Hills; Industrial Sales LLC., Guntersville; Jacksonville Hotel LLC, Jacksonville; Joe Phifer, Birmingham; Joseph Gilliland, Guntersville; Lambert Inc., Stevenson; May PAC, Birmingham; MCG PAC, Birmingham; Millers Ferry Lodge LLC, Pensacola, FL; Nick Jones, Rainsville; Olympia Construction Inc., Albertville; P. Lawler Enterprises Ltd, Albertville; Raymond Harbert, Birmingham; Regions Bank, Birmingham; Richard Bechert, Union Grove; Roy Gilbert III, Birmingham; Sedgefields Lakes Plantation Llc, Duluth, Ga; Smart Living Llc. Huntsville; Southeastern Pond Management, Saginaw; The Committee for Good Government, Birmingham; The Upton Group LLC, Guntersville; W.S. Propst, Huntsville; Watson Jones, Camden; Wayne Bentley, Albertville; Whitaker Contracting Corp., Guntersville; Wilks Tire & Battery Service Inc., Albertville; Xcel Masonry Inc., Oneonta.



$582,916 – Twinkle for Alabama- Gubernatorial Campaign, Montgomery.

$145,000 – Progress PAC, Montgomery.

$106,000 – CAREPAC, Montgomery.

$75,000 – Drummond Company Inc., Birmingham.

$40,000 – EDUPAC, Tuscaloosa.

$39,500 – Pride PAC II, Tuscaloosa.

$31,000 – Alabama Realtors PAC, Montgomery.

$30,000 — Protective Life Corporation State PAC, Birmingham.

$25,000 – Alabama Builders PAC (ABPAC), Montgomery; ENPAC, Birmingham; MAYPAC, Birmingham.

$20,000 – Alabama Medical PAC, Montgomery; Raymond J. Harbert, Birmingham; Warren J. Williamson Jr., Greenville; Retailers of Alabama PAC, Montgomery; The Honorable Tim Parker Jr., Tuscaloosa.

$15,500 – T-Town PAC II, Tuscaloosa; MCG PAC, Birmingham.

$14,000 – Glenn Durough, Bessemer.

$12,000 – Jobs PAC, Montgomery.

$11,500 – Alabama Acre, Montgomery.

$11,000 – Daniel McKinney, Birmingham; John H. Watson, Dothan.

$10,000 – Alabama Realtors PAC, Montgomery; Credit Union Coalition Of Alabama, Montgomery; F&P LLC, Montgomery; G PAC, Birmingham; Jim Walker, Birmingham; Kidcare, Montgomery; MAY PAC, Birmingham; Billy L. Harbert, Birmingham; Michael G. Johnson, Theodore; Smart Living LLC, Huntsville; Southeastern Pond Management, Saginaw.

$9,000 – Alabama Poultry Trust, Montgomery.

$8,000 – Dan L. Moultrie, Verbena; Terry R. Douglas, Tuscaloosa; The Honorable Michael D. Schmitz, Dothan.

$7,500 – ABC Merit PAC, Birmingham; Alabama Associated General Contractors Inc-PAC, Irondale; Millennium Health Services Inc., Tuscaloosa; Charles A. Nelson, Birmingham; William H. Nelson III, Birmingham; NHS Management LLC, Tuscaloosa; Senior Care Pharmacy Inc., Tuscaloosa.

$7,000 – AWBA PAC, Montgomery; John G. Beard, Birmingham.

$6,500 – Joseph Forest Enterprises Inc., Columbiana.

$6,000 – Alabama Coal Cooperative, Cullman; Subcontractors Association of Alabama, Birmingham.

$5,500 – Ryan Shirley, Northport.

$5,000 – ABC Merit PAC, Birmingham; GA Sack PAC, Birmingham; Alabama Lenders PAC, Pelham; American Cast Iron Pipe Company, Birmingham; BANKPAC, Montgomery; Committee for Good Government, Birmingham; CRA Political Action Committee, Montgomery; Goodwyn Mills and Cawood PAC, Montgomery; Halstead Contractors LLC, Montgomery; KW Plastics, Troy; McWane Inc., Birmingham; Barnett Lawley, Pell City; Dan L. Moultrie, Verbena; Frank Brown Jr., Cullman; James M. Tracy, Vestavia Hills; Leadership PAC, Tuscaloosa; Mark Sims, Oneonta; Owen Aronov, Montgomery; Richard J. Brockman, Birmingham; Terry Henley, Birmingham; William B. Sexton, Decatur; William H. Carr, Enterprise; Northport Health Services Inc., Tuscaloosa; Nucor PAC, Decatur; Regions Financial Corporation PAC, Washington, DC; The Honorable George S. Hammer, Samson; Victory PAC, Montgomery; Volkert Inc., Mobile; WestPAC, Mobile.