2018 Elections

Chuantae Brown

Chuantae Brown

Jefferson County District Judge, Place 11

Chuantae Brown

Party: Democrat

Residence: Bessemer

Political experience: None.

Professional experience: Criminal defense trial attorney, Jefferson County Public Defender’s Office; criminal law, has handled up to 300 criminal law cases and hundreds in drug court.

Education: Juris doctorate, University of Alabama School of Law after taking most classes at Thomas Goode Jones School of Law at Faulkner University; bachelor’s, UA, criminal justice and political science.

Civic experience: Participated in or volunteered for Siamese Dreams Next Level Outreach, Inc., Empowering Males to Build Opportunities for Developing Independence; Growing; S.M.A.R.T. Choices Youth Empowerment Program; Powerful Individuals Nurturing Knowledge, Project Homeless and Jessie’s Place.

Main issues: Brown would build on the legacy of her predecessors on the bench in western Jefferson County.

“As judge of the drug court program in the Bessemer Division, I would build on the firm foundation that Judge Fancher built when he established Bessemer’s Drug Court program,” she said. “All too often, drugs are the basis of … many crimes that plague our communities, our neighborhoods, and our streets. Too many people in our community are overdosing and dying from drug addictions. I want to address this head-on and take the drug court program to even greater heights — get those addicted to drugs the help that is much needed.”

She added, “I am able to see the commonalities that many of the repeat offenders have, such as lack of education, lack of employment, drug addictions, and mental health issues.

“Sending offenders to prison for punitive purposes alone is simply not enough because prison gates have become revolving doors. As judge, I want to address those issues by ordering offenders to get a GED and get certified in a trade, making sure offenders are receiving proper medications for any mental health issues.”

Top contributors: Dominion Security Group, $6,050; John Brown, $1,000; Shunnarah Law, $1,000; Dr. Byron White, $500;

Campaign: brownforjudge2018@gmail.com; Facebook: Elect Chuantae Brown for District Judge, Place 11