All Clear (For Now): More Testing Shows Baby Thought to Have Measles Did Not

This baby was hospitalized with the measles in the Philippines. (Source: CDC)

The baby in St. Clair County believed to have had Alabama’s first case of measles has tested negative for the disease.

The Alabama Department of Public Health had reported that the baby had a presumptive positive measles case after initial tests run by a commercial lab returned a positive result.

But when the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention did a more detailed test, the baby was diagnosed as not having the disease, according to a press release issued by the state health department.

The public was told about the positive measles result “out of an abundance of caution,” the press release stated. Measles is an incredibly contagious disease, living for two hours in droplets in the air or on surfaces.

As of Wednesday, the state had investigated 252 reports of possible measles this year. There are 82 open investigations and 170 closed investigations in the state, the statement said.

With measles confirmed in 23 states, health officials continue to recommend that infants and children be vaccinated at 12 months and 4 years old.

Vaccines are recommended for adults in some cases, including one dose for those born after 1957; two doses for those who are considered at high risk; and two doses for people at higher risk of spreading or catching the disease, such as college students, health care personnel and international travelers.