Coronavirus Numbers Show Slight Increase in Thursday Update

Coronavirus illustration, created at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

The decline in Alabama’s COVID-19 figures leveled off Thursday as the number of new cases and individuals in hospitals ticked up slightly from earlier in the week.

The Alabama Department of Public Health reported 478 new cases in its daily update. That is up from 361 cases reported Tuesday and 408 on Wednesday. The daily average over the past weeks stood at 390 cases, up slightly from the previous day’s average of 382 but below the figure of 441 a week earlier.

The number of people in Alabama hospitals for the coronavirus on Wednesday was 364, an increase of four from the previous day; the figure is well below the 662 who were hospitalized on March 1.

The Heath Department said 636,017 Alabamians have completed their coronavirus vaccinations. There have been 2.62 million doses of vaccine delivered to the state, and 1.68 million doses have been administered.