2021 Birmingham City Election

Darryl Williams , Mayor of Birmingham

Darryl Williams, (Source: Facebook page)

Darryl Williams did not respond to request for information from BirminghamWatch, and little information on him was publicly available.

Darryl Williams is an activist who has had experience in politics for decades, but this the first time that he has run for office.

Williams told the Birmingham Business Journal that he wants to spread the city’s resources into poorer neighborhoods and away from the Downtown-Uptown corridor, starting with better funding for schools. In particular, he wants to focus on teaching trades in schools again, as well as providing grants for students who learn those trades to go into business for themselves.

Better education and opportunities also would help reduce Birmingham’s crime problem, Williams said.

Williams also wants to target waste in city government. “I want to get rid of the waste at city hall. I could do the same thing with 40 people that they do with 100,” he told the Journal.

In an interview with WVTM-13, Williams also said there should be a change in leadership at the Birmingham Police Department, and more effort should be given to getting stolen firearms off the streets. He also advocated legalization of marijuana.