2016 Primary Election

Donna J. Beaulieu (R)

Alabama Supreme Court, Associate Justice Place 3

Donna Beaulieu photoName: Donna Beaulieu

Date of birth: April 4, 1968; age 47

Residence: Calera

Political experience: Ran for Shelby County Circuit Judge, 2004.

Professional experience: Private practice, 1997-present; legal secretary, Jim Pino & Associates, 1989-1994.

Civic experience: Member, BamaCarry, which bills itself as “Alabama’s only ‘No Compromise’ gun rights group.”; member, the National Rifle Association.

Education: University of Alabama at Birmingham, bachelor’s, 1993; Cumberland School of Law, juris doctorate, 1997.

Top contributors: Joannie Taylor, $1,000; Phillip Bahakel, $500.

Qualifications: Beaulieu believes her nearly two decades trying cases in state and federal courts has prepared her to serve on Alabama’s highest court, particularly on cases involving constitutional questions. She believes it is her duty to fight for constitutional rights, particularly Second Amendment liberties. On her campaign site, she describes herself as a “conservative and a Constitutionalist” who opposes abortion, same-sex marriage and infringement on religious and Second Amendment liberties.

Campaign: http://www.voteforbeaulieu.com;  https://www.facebook.com/beaulieu-for-supremecourt2016/