2018 Election

Donna Wesson Smalley

Donna Wesson Smalley

Supreme Court Associate Justice, Place 4

Donna Wesson Smalley

Party: Democrat

Political experience: Ran for U.S. Representative, District 6, 1988; ran for judge, Alabama Court of Civil Appeals, 2000.

Professional experience: Owner, private practice, Donna Wesson Smalley PC, 2010-present; certified instructor, National Institute of Trial Advocacy, Boalt Hall, University of California Berkley, 1994.

Education: Juris doctorate, University of Alabama, 1978; bachelor’s in journalism, University of Alabama, 1975.

Civic experience: Volunteer for disaster and humanitarian relief, Salvation Army Women’s Auxiliary, December 2000.

Main issues: The candidate says on her campaign website that it is important for women to take an active role in government. If elected, the candidate intends to focus on high ethical standards, ruling based on the Alabama and U.S. constitutions, stating that judges should uphold the principles the nation was founded on. The candidate said, “No one should be above the law and no amount of money should be able to buy judicial results. Independence is critical on the bench, and no judge should be beholden to a special interest group. Each case will be examined on its own merits, and decided fairly, based on the law.”

Top contributors: Deborah Gibson, $5,063; Persistence PAC, $4,977; Donna W. Smalley, $3,300; Ken Simon, $1,500; Lightfoot, Franklin & White, LLC., $1,500; IBEW Local Union 136 Political Action Fund, $1,000; Kirby Johnson, $1,000; Millennials PAC, $1,000; Johnna Baker, $1,000; Mary Lil Owens, $1,000.

Campaign: https://www.smalleyforsupremecourt.com