Doug Jones (D)

U.S. Senate

Doug Jones

Name: Doug Jones

Age: 63

Residence: Birmingham

Political races run: None

Political offices held, including dates: Appointed U.S. attorney for the Northern District of Alabama, 1997-2001.

Professional experience: Staff counsel to the U.S. Senate Judiciary Committee, working for Sen. Howell Heflin, 1979-1980; assistant U.S. attorney in Birmingham, 1980-1984; private law practice in Birmingham, 1984-1997; nominated by President Clinton to be U.S. attorney in the Northern District of Alabama, 1997-2001; private law practice in Birmingham, 2001-present.

Education: University of Alabama, bachelor’s in political science, 1975; Cumberland School of Law, juris doctor, 1979.

Civic experience: Birmingham Civil Rights Institute, board member, 2010-2017; Leadership Birmingham, 1998-1999; National Association of Former U.S. Attorneys, board member since 2010, served in several offices; Birmingham Zoo board of directors, 2017-present; Law Enforcement Leaders to Reduce Crime and Incarceration, Brennan Center for Justice, New York University School of Law, 2016-present; Center for Law and Civic Education, 2001-present.

Main issues: Top issue is restoring trust, belief and decency to government; wants to provide quality education for all children; defend women’s access to contraception and their right to choose; ensure quality, affordable health care that includes allowing young people to stay on their parents’ insurance, preventing discrimination against those with pre-existing conditions and guaranteeing veterans’ care; and reform government regulations on small and mid-sized businesses. In answer to a BW question about federal spending in the state, Jones said:  “Alabama’s largest employer is UAB and it’s Health System which treats over a million patients each year, and the Medicaid program accounts for much of UAB hospital’s net patient revenue…. Huntsville and Mobile are hubs of innovation and technology, in fact, the DoD spends over $12 billion and employs over 52,000 people in Alabama. This is vital in creating and maintaining a vibrant workforce. As Alabama’s Senator, I will work to keep, and, in some cases, increase federal spending in Alabama as long as that money is accounted for and is being used wisely. ”

Campaign web site:

Top contributors: 

Total contributions: $287,752.


$5,000: Common Ground PAC Williamsburg, VA; Communication Workers of America, Washington, DC; Retail Wholesale and Department Store Union Committee on Political Education.


$2,700: Anne-Laura Cook, Mountain Brook; Nancy Ellisor, Gadsden; Brian Giattina, Birmingham; Joseph Giattina, Homewood; Kent Haney, Gadsden; Constance Hill, Birmingham; David McFarland, Rainbow City; Gregory Vega, San Diego, CA.


$2,600: William Andrews, Mountain Brook.


$2,615: Doug Turner, Birmingham.


$2,500: James Holbrook, Mountain Brook; Steven J. Mobley, Vestavia; Robin Mobley, Vestavia; Charles Morgan III, Destin, FL; Charlie Robinson, Pell City; Jackie Robinson, Pell City; Mabry Rogers, Birmingham.


$2,000: Richard H. Deane, Stone Mountain, GA; Kenneth Feinberg, Washington, DC; Ken Riley, Birmingham; Greg Roberts, Gadsden.


$1,500: Gail L. Bayer, Mountain Brook; Jeffrey A. Bayer, Mountain Brook.


$1,300: Giles Perkins, Mountain Brook.


$1,100: Toni Vaughn, Birmingham.

$1,000: Martin Abroms, Florence; Andrew Allen, Birmingham; Charles Anderson, Florence; Charles Anderson Jr., Knoxville, TN; Clyde Anderson, Birmingham; Harold Anderson, Atlanta, GA; Hilda Anderson, Florence; James Anderson, Montgomery; Susan Anderson, Florence; Susan B. Anderson, Montgomery; Terry Anderson, Florence; D. Leon Ashford, Birmingham; Nolan Awbrey, Birmingham; Thomas E. Baddley, Birmingham; Kay Bains, Birmingham; Lee Bains Jr., Birmingham; Freta Banks, Birmingham; Thomas Banks, Birmingham; Tom Barnett, Birmingham; Marie Baxley, Vestavia; William Baxley, Birmingham; Frances Bennett, Birmingham; William Blount, Montgomery; Nicholas Bouler, Birmingham; Randy B. Brooks, Anniston; Nat Bryan, Birmingham; Frank Buck, Birmingham; Tucker Burge, Birmingham; William Burgess, Huntsville; Claude M. Burns Jr. Tuscaloosa; Julian Butler, Huntsville;

James Byram Jr., Montgomery; Henry Caddell, Mobile; Richard Carmody, Vestavia; Brian Cash, Birmingham; Sandra Cochran, Birmingham; Steve Comblum, Birmingham; Ernest Cory, Birmingham; Karen Cory, Birmingham; Janice Cowin, Birmingham; Wendy Brooks Crew, Birmingham; Charles Crowder, Birmingham; Timothy Dillard, Birmingham; Annie Davis, Birmingham; Philip Dotts, Huntsville; Charles Ellis, Birmingham; Michael Ermert, Birmingham; Willie Davis, Birmingham; Rebecca Drake, Birmingham; Tom Dutton, Birmingham; John Earnest, Hoover; Robert Eckinger, Birmingham; Tim Francis, Birmingham; Jeff Friedman, Birmingham; Linda Friedman, Birmingham; Bruce Gardner, Huntsville; Richard Gill, Montgomery; Tonya Graham, Birmingham; John W. Haley, Birmingham; Waren Hamel, Arnold, MD; Hal Hardin, Nashville, TN; Kathryn Harrington, Indian Springs; Gregory H. Hawley, Birmingham; Randy Haynes, Alexander City; Doug Hoffman, Hoover; Linda Hornsby, Lacey Spring; Sharetta Hunter, Bessemer; Thomas Hunter, Bessemer; Ken Jackson, Hoover; Sarah Jackson, Mountain Brook; Kim Jardin, Fairhope; O.L Johnson, Mountain Brook; Carden Johnston, Birmingham; Gloria Jones, Birmingham; Gordon Jones, Birmingham; Louise Jones, Samuel Kelley III, Rainbow City; Elizabeth Kelly, Calexico, CA;

John Kelly, Modesto, CA; Leonor Kelly, Modest, CA; Louise Kelly, San Diego, CA; Maisie Kelly, San Diego, CA; Michael Kelly, San Diego, CA; Richard Kelly, San Diego, CA; James Kennemer, Birmingham   ; Nancy Kennemer, Hoover; Harold Kushner, Birmingham; Cynthia Lamar-Hart, Mountain Brook; Archie Lamb, Birmingham; Debra Lamb, Birmingham; David Loper, Birmingham; Don Manuel, Birmingham; David H. Marsh, Birmingham; Elizabeth Marsh, Birmingham; Byrd Martin Jr., Birmingham; Steven Martino, Mobile; Teddy McDaniels, Birmingham; Stephanie McKenna, Homewood; Frank McPhillips, Mountain Brook; Omar Medina, Tampa, FL; Matt C. Minner, Birmingham; Shannon Mitchell, Albertville;  Alex W. Newton, Birmingham; Christopher Nicholson, Birmingham; Kathleen O’Connell, Birmingham; Katherine Owens, Mountain Brook; Henry G. Pannell, Atlanta, GA; Gordon Pate, Birmingham; Henry Lawrence Perry, Panama City, FL; Parker Perry, Daphne; Scott A. Powell, Birmingham; Ginger Quinn, Birmingham; Steve Raby, Huntsville; Linda Reeves, Vestavia;

Jeffrey C. Rickard, Birmingham; Margaret D.  Rickard, Vestavia Hills; Greg Roberts, Gadsden; Charles Salvagio, Birmingham; Robert Segall, Montgomery; Shay Samples, Birmingham; Christopher Seeger, New York, NY; John Somerville, Mountain Brook; Neal Sonnett, Miami, FL; John Sparrow, Atlanta, GA; Tommy Spina, Birmingham; S. Kent Stewart, Mountain Brook; Leah Taylor, Birmingham; Ted Taylor, Prattville; Jim Thompson, Birmingham; Darrell Turner, Heflin; Robert Vance, Birmingham; Charlie Waldrep, Birmingham; Larry Ward, Birmingham; Janet Waston, Hampton Cove; Herman Watson Jr. Hampton Cove; Leila Watson, Birmingham; Robert Watson, Birmingham; Stephen Weiss, New York, NY; Joe Whatley, Birmingham; J. Mark White, Birmingham.

$990: Robbie Yarborough, Birmingham.

 $885: Elizabeth Shannon, Mountain Brook.

$755: Patricia Edington, Mobile.

$750: Annesley Degaris, Birmingham; Harold Ripps, Birmingham.

$900: Jonathan Sapp , Jasper; John Warren II, Jasper.

$500: Emory Anthony Jr., Birmingham; James Arbury, Chevy Chase, Md.; Stephen Arnold, Birmingham; Richard Arrington, Birmingham; William Athanas, Mountain Brook; Lowell Barron, Fyffe; Mack Binion, Mobile; Lisa Binion, Vestavia; Duncan Blair,  Birmingham; Donald Briskman, Mobile; Patricia Brown, Eagle Point, OR; Buck Brannon, Birmingham; Robin Burrell, Birmingham; Roger Burton, Birmingham; Bill Cather, Birmingham; Charles Tyler Clark, Homewood; Tom Coburn, Tuscumbia; Ralph D. Cook, Birmingham; Greg Cusimano, Gadsden; Greg Dawkins, Mobile; Charles Denaburg, Birmingham; George Digiorgio;  Scott Donaldson, Tuscaloosa; Timothy J. Doughtery, Sioux Falls, SD; Sally Downs, Birmingham; Joseph Fawal, Birmingham; Thomas Foster, Birmingham; Alvin Fox,  Montgomery; Henry Froshin, Birmingham; James F. Fuqua, Mountain Brook; Lloyd Gathings II, Birmingham; Charles Graffeo, Birmingham; Scott Grumley, Mountain Brook;

David Guin, Birmingham; Robert Guin Jr., Bimingham; Theodore Gulas, Birmingham; F. Michael Haney, Gadsden; Edward Hardin, Birmingham; Gregory Hawley, Birmingham; Howell Heflin, Tuscumbia; Jack Held, Birmingham; Richard Jaffe, Birmingham; Richard Jaffe, Birmingham; Kathy Jones, Huntsville; Robert Jones Jr., Birmingham; Steve Katsinas, Tuscaloosa; Eileen Lindberg, South Bend, IN; Joseph Mays Jr., Birmingham; Joseph Mays Jr., Birmingham; Edward Meyerson, Birmingham; C. Delaine Mountain, Tuscaloosa; Jerome Newmark, Jasper; Richard Ogle, Birmingham; Richard Pearson, Vestavia Hills; Giles Perkins, Birmingham; Leslie Proll, Washington, DC; James H. Seale III, Greensboro;

John Robbins, Birmingham; Ann C. Robertson; Birmingham; Cindy Rhoden, Mountain Brook; E. Mabry Rogers, Birmingham; Terrie Savage, Hartselle; Tracy Smith, Birmingham; Jason Stuckey, Vestavia Hills; Lawrence Sucharow, Princeton, NJ; David Tidmore, Birmingham; Helen Vance, Birmingham; Jonathan Waller, Birmingham; Amy E. Watson, Birmingham; Edward R. Watson, Mountain Brook; Maury Weiner, Birmingham; Thomas Willingham, Birmingham; Holly Wiseman, Mobile; Robert Yarbrough, Birmingham; Lee Zell, Birmingham.