City School Board - District 1

Douglas Lee Ragland

Birmingham City Board of Education, District 1

Douglas L. Ragland

Douglas Lee Ragland

Age: 60

Political experience: Ran for the Birmingham School Board District 1 seat in August 2013 and August 2011.

Professional experience: Retired educator and administrator. Birmingham City Schools elementary and middle school teacher, 1978-1989; Birmingham City Schools assistant principal, 1989-90; elementary principal in the Eufaula City School System, 1990-1998; Birmingham City Schools K-5 personnel coordinator, 1998-2003, and central office hearing officer, 2003-2004; superintendent of Greene County Schools, 2004-2007; and superintendent of Midfield City Schools, 2007-2010.

Education: Bachelor’s in elementary education from the University of Alabama at Birmingham in 1977; master’s in elementary education from UAB, 1978;  advanced elementary certification in elementary education from UAB, 1980; master’s level certification in public school administration, 1981; education specialist degree in educational leadership from the UAB,1983; and doctorate in educational leadership from the UAB and the University of Alabama, 2000.

Civic experience: Member of the Interstate Military Children’s Compact Commission, 2017-present, Alabama commissioner; corrections prison ministry training for Julia Tutwiler Prison 2014-present; Upper Room Fellowship Church Prison Ministry 2014-present; Birmingham Public Building Authority board, 2013-present; executive board of the Birmingham Planning Commission, 2013-present; Birmingham Zoning and Advisory Committee, 2012-present; Birmingham Comprehensive Plan Committee, 2012-present; Birmingham Planning Commission 2011-present; Upper Room Fellowship Church leadership team 2008-present; and Midfield  Area Chamber of Commerce, 2007-present.

Top contributors: $100, John B. Norman, Fairfield.

Main issues: Create responsible board policies to prepare children for global success. Establish a general fund budget with five months of operating expenses equaling $85 million. Provide highly qualified and certified teachers in single classroom. Achieve 95 percent to 100 percent parental and community involvement in all schools as well as the district. Approve responsible recommendations that don’t infringe on rights, eliminating legal fees. Create stability at the superintendent’s position, which in turn would maintain and sustain educational excellence.