2020 election

Eyrika Parker

Jefferson County Treasurer

Eyrika Parker, candidate for Jefferson County Treasurer, 2020 (Source: Campaign via Facebook)

Eyrika Parker


Residence: Birmingham

Political experience: Unsuccessful run for Jefferson County circuit clerk, 2018.

Professional experience: Employee of Jefferson County Circuit Clerk’s office, 2005; project management, document review for the termination and sale of Trust Department of SouthTrust Bank, 2006; project management, litigation of Oracle vs. Google production of over one million documents (Nelson Mullins), 2009; project management of pharmaceutical litigation, document review, 2010; litigation for document production for insurance industry, 2013; talk show host, WJLD Radio, 2014-2018; executive producer of radio and television show, 2015-2016.

Civic experience: Jefferson County Courthouse Mural Committee, 2016; Hopewell Revitalization Project, 2015-16; sponsored and committed to local breast cancer awareness events, sponsored local events for Sickle Cell Awareness Month; fed more than 100 families on a monthly basis through efforts to combat homelessness and hunger; obtained abandoned properties to put to good use for non-profit organizations; provided monthly stabilization and certification for more than 40 disabled families a month.

Education: University of South Alabama, 1998; Southern University Law Center, 2002.

Main issues: “Help the community gain financial literacy by partnering with local banks to offer workshops and resources that promote credit worthiness, home buying, entrepreneurship and more,” she says on her campaign website.

Contributors: Parker has raised $12,440. Top contributors were: Eyrika Parker, $9,490; Alfred S. Buck, Birmingham, $2,000; Yashiba Blanchard, Birmingham, $1,000.

Campaign: Friends to Elect Eyrika Parker as Jefferson County Treasurer-Birmingham on Facebook,  Eyrika Parker for Jefferson County Treasurer.