2018 Elections

Eyrika Parker

Eyrika Parker

Office: Jefferson County Circuit Clerk

Party: Democrat

Residence: Birmingham

Political experience: None

Professional experience: Employee of Jefferson County Circuit Clerk’s office, 2005; project management, document review for the termination and sale of Trust Department of SouthTrust Bank, 2006; project management, litigation of Oracle vs. Google production of over one million documents (Nelson Mullins), 2009; project management of pharmaceutical litigation, document review, 2010; litigation for document production for insurance industry, 2013; co-host to Alabama’s oldest morning talk radio show, 2014-2018; executive producer of radio and television show, 2015-2016.

Education: John Carroll Catholic High School, 1992; University of South Alabama, 1998; Southern University Law Center, 2002.

Civic experience: Jefferson County Muriel Committee 2016; Hopewell Revitalization Project 2015-16; prepared meals for local football and basketball teams to ready for playoffs at Wenonah High School, 2016-2017; sponsored and committed to local breast cancer awareness events, sponsored local events for Sickle Cell Awareness Month; fed more than 100 families on a monthly basis through efforts to combat homelessness and hunger; obtained abandoned properties to put to good use for non-profit organizations; provided monthly stabilization and certification for more than 40 disabled families a month.

Main issues: Parker wants to “assure a sustainable process” in the clerk’s office through improving the process, software, training and customer fulfillment.

“The clerks cannot provide legal advice to the public; however, we are able to provide seminars by qualified individuals to explain procedures and guide a person into making qualified choices to a qualified lawyer of legal service,” Parker said. “With the recent onset of the moral turpitude clause set out by the Alabama governor, which may allow those that were once unable to vote to now vote, it is my desire to aggressively seek out those that may now be able to vote and to assist in them being a more stable contributor to our local community.

Top Contributors: $500 each, Bruce Gordon of Birmingham and Wayne Wheeler of Birmingham; $350 each, Celeste C. Grenier of Birmingham, Davis Law Firm and Hendrix Law Firm.

Campaign: eyrika@eyrikaparker.com