2017 Birmingham Elections

Former BSC President Krulak and Alabama Power VP Knight Will Lead Woodfin’s Transition Team

Birmingham Mayor-elect Randall Woodfin announced Bobbie Knight, left, and Charles Krulak, right, will lead his transition team. (Source: Sam Prickett)


Oct. 10, 2017 — Mayor-elect Randall Woodfin announced Tuesday that he had selected Charles Krulak and Bobbie Knight to co-chair his transition team.

In a press conference held at Vulcan Park and Museum, Woodfin described Krulak and Knight as “true public servants” who would provide counsel to his nascent administration in the months leading up to his Nov. 28 inauguration.

Krulak was president of Birmingham-Southern College from 2011 to 2015. He previously served as the 31st Commandant of the U.S. Marine Corps, and he worked in a variety of high-level positions for bank holding company MBNA between 1999 and 2005.

After speaking of how he considered Birmingham an adopted home, Krulak remarked that the city “has made great strides since the 1960s … (but) at the same time, we can’t turn a blind eye to the problems that currently continue to exist.”

“Birmingham now stands at an inflection point,” he continued, “and we need to take advantage of it … . The major priorities of the Woodfin administration tackle many of the real issues that the city faces,” he said.

Until her retirement in 2016, Knight had served as a vice president for Alabama Power. She also is a former chair of the Birmingham Civil Rights Institute board of directors.

“She brings a wealth of knowledge about our neighborhoods as well as the operation of city government,” Woodfin said.

“If anybody could get me out of retirement, it’s Randall Woodfin,” Knight said, drawing chuckles from the crowd. Knight said she was born and raised in the Zion City neighborhood, and she believed Birmingham is “on the cusp of becoming a truly great American city.”

“I am honored to support Randall, the mayor-elect, with his transition plan, and to co-facilitate, along with General Krulak, a transition team of capable, diverse and visionary leaders who can help Birmingham realize its full potential,” she said.

Woodfin also announced Tuesday that campaign manager Ed Fields would serve as a transition coordinator. The transition team will be rounded out by legal counsel Steve Shaw. Woodfin encouraged citizens looking to get involved with the transition process to email transition@randallwoodfin.com.

“Over these next seven weeks, it’s important for us to assess everything that’s going on at City Hall around our human capital/personnel, as well as our finances. In that seven-week window, we’ll definitely be in a space where, come Nov. 28, our team will be in place,” he said. Woodfin said he had not yet met with any current departmental heads at city hall.

Woodfin said he spent the week following the election catching up on rest.