2018 Elections

Gerald Dial

Gerald Dial

Secretary, Agriculture and Industries

Gerald Dial

Party: Republican

Age: 80

Residence: Lineville

Political Experience: Majority whip, Alabama State Senate, 2011-present; member, Alabama State Senate, 1983-present; member, Alabama House of Representatives, 1974-83; Lineville City Council, 1972-74.

Professional Experience: Self-employed real estate developer; Alabama National Guard, member, 1959-97, retired as brigadier general; former teacher and coach, Lineville High School.

Civic Experience: President pro tempore, board of trustees, Troy University, 1996-present; member, Exchange Club; member Southern Union Foundation.

Education: Bachelor’s, University of West Alabama; M Ed., Jacksonville State University.

Main Issues: In media interviews, Dial called the agriculture and industries post “the second most important job in state government” because of the role farming plays in Alabama’s economy.

“It oversees the largest economic part of our state representing a $70 billion industry,” he told AL.com. “I want to protect, produce and promote our state’s agricultural interests, increase our exports, expand irrigation and protect our food supply.”

Dial said he wants to protect the food supply, increase agricultural production and promote agricultural exports.

Top contributors: $131,000, Progress PAC; $125,300, himself; $31,000 Franklin PAC; $29,000, CAREPAC; $25,000, AVOTE; $16,618, 2014 PAC; $20,000, Road PAC and Roy Drinkard of Cullman.?

Campaign: itsdialtime.com; Facebook, Gerald Dial