Gov. Kay Ivey Sworn In to Office

Gov. Kay Ivey

Kay Ivey was sworn in as the 54th governor of Alabama this afternoon in a ceremony in the old Senate Chambers of the capitol building.

Ivey, who takes office after former Gov. Robert Bentley’s resignation, said, “Today is both a dark day in Alabama, yet also it’s one of opportunity.”

She said her first priorities would be to “steady the ship of state” and improve Alabama’s image.

“The Ivey administration will be open, it will be transparent and it will be honest,” Ivey said, winning a round of applause from the officials and residents crowded into the chambers to witness the handoff of power.

She said that despite the challenges of the day, it should be viewed in a positive light. “It is a demonstration of our successful practice of the rule of law and the principles of democracy,” she said.

Ivey said she will be meeting with cabinet members and other government officials to ensure a smooth transition, and she expected no interruption in the functions of state.

She asked for the prayers and support of Alabama residents as she took over the governorship.

“Let us use this opportunity to make Alabama even better and your government even more effective,” she said.