Hosea Lewis

Birmingham City Council, District 7

Hosea Lewis

Name: Hosea Lewis

Age: 50

Residence: Hillman neighborhood

Political experience: First run for political office.

Professional experience: Procurement at West Wind Technologies, 2002-2005; loan originator at Gulf States Mortgage, 2006-2008; owner/project manager at Lewis Industries Group Inc., 2005-present.

Civic experience: Vice president of Hillman Neighborhood Association, 2006-present; Secretary of Grasselli Community Association, 2006-present; Little League coach and commissioner for football and baseball, 2006-present.

Education: Alabama A&M University, bachelor’s in sociology with criminal justice minor, 2001; graduated from Wenonah High School, 1985.

Top contributors: Self, $525; Crystal Lewis, $96.90.

Main issues: Lewis wants to promote a plan of economic growth and development through the removal of blight in the community, retail investment opportunities and new home and subdivision construction. He also advocates for implementing the Southwest Framework Plan and would attempt to decrease the crime rate.

Campaign: http://www.lewisfordistrict7.com