2020 election

It’s Election Day

(Source: Solomon Crenshaw Jr.)

Voting is steady in Jefferson County this evening as polls prepare to close at 7 p.m.

County Board of Registrars Chairman Barry Stephenson said he expected the county to hit the 30% voter turnout projected by the secretary of state.

Grace Newcombe, Alabama Secretary of State’s Office spokeswoman, also said polls seemed to have run smoothly and consistently across the state today.

At the top of the ballot today are races for president and the U.S. Senate. But other races also are on the ballot, including races for the state Supreme Court and appellate courts, Public Service Commission and a host of county races. Also at stake is the future of the Alabama Board of Education, as voters decide whether that group should remain an elected board or become a politically appointed commission via Amendment 1.

You can find printable sample ballots that list all of the candidates you can vote for at the polls in Jefferson and Shelby counties here.

Bios on each of those candidates are on BirminghamWatch here.

Sample ballots for other counties can found here on AlabamaVotes.gov.

Some polling places have been changed since the last election. You can double check your assigned poll here.

For other information to help you navigate the polling process, such as the ID you will need and what will happen if you’re asked to cast a provisional ballot, check the BirminghamWatch Voters’ Toolbox.