2018 Election

Ivey, Cobb Lead Their Parties in Fundraising for the Governor Campaign

Republican Kay Ivey and Democrat Sue Bell Cobb are leading their parties in fundraising for the governors’ race

Gov. Kay Ivey has amassed a campaign war chest almost equal to that of her three opponents combined as the campaign for the Republican gubernatorial primary enters its final three months.

On the Democratic side, former Alabama Chief Justice Sue Bell Cobb has a slight fundraising advantage over her chief opponent, Tuscaloosa Mayor Walt Maddox.

Voters on June 5 will pick Republican and Democratic nominees for governor and a large slate of statewide, legislative and local offices. Primary runoffs will be July 17 for any races in which no candidate gets a majority of the vote. The general election will be Nov. 6.

Ivey was elected lieutenant governor four years ago and became governor last April 10, when Robert Bentley resigned following allegations of sexual impropriety.

The governor has $2.18 million in her campaign account, according to a report she filed last week with the Alabama Secretary of State’s Office. Huntsville Mayor Tommy Battle reported cash on hand of $1.24 million. State Sen. Bill Hightower reported $653,213, while evangelist Scott Dawson reported $343,525.

Among the Democrats, Cobb had a balance of $197,170 in her account, compared to $184,042 for Maddox, who is making his first run for a statewide office. Other Democrats in the race are James C. Fields, who reported $2,643 in his account, and Anthony B. White, who listed $2,000.

Overall, the four candidates contending for the GOP nomination have a total of $4,423,013 sitting in their campaign accounts, while the four Democrats’ accounts amounted to $385,855.

Candidates were required to file reports last week on the status of their fundraising since the election cycle began last year.
You can look up all state candidate campaign info here.

For more election-related information, visit the AlabamaVotes.gov site.

Here are campaign balances, along with a list of contributors of $3,000 and up to each candidate so far during this election cycle.




Balance: $2,185,231

$150,000: James W. Rane, Abbeville.

$50,000: Roy H. Drinkard, Cullman.

$30,000: R.B. Johnson, Hanceville; Volkert Inc., Mobile.

$26,000: Cemex Inc. Employees PAC, Houston, Texas.

$25,525: Forest PAC, Montgomery.

$25,000: Alabama Medical PAC, Montgomery; Drummond Co. Inc., Birmingham; Forestry PAC, Montgomery; Raymond J. Harbert, Birmingham; The Innovation PAC, Montgomery; William B. Wilson, Montgomery.

$20,000: ABC Merit PAC, Birmingham; Alabama Builders PAC (ABPAC), Montgomery; Truk PAC, Montgomery.


Alabama Hospital Association PAC, Montgomery.

$16,000: Trinity Medical Center, Birmingham.

$15,000: Protective Life Corp., Birmingham.

$13,500: Concrete PAC, Montgomery.

$12,000: Tim Parker, Tuscaloosa.

$11,000: Thompson Engineering Inc., Mobile.

$10,500: Energen Corporation PAC, Birmingham; Franklin PAC, Montgomery; Jerry C. Kyser, Montgomery.

$10,000: ACPA-Al PAC, Montgomery; Alabama Builders PAC, Montgomery; Alabama Lenders PAC, Birmingham; Alabama Optometric PAC, Montgomery; Beasley, Allen, Crow, Methvin, Portis & Miles P.C., Montgomery; Compac, Mobile; East Alabama Paving Co. Inc., Opelika; HIS PAC, Opelika; J.M. Wood Auction, Montgomery; May PAC, Birmingham; Saintfield Holdings LLC, Birmingham; SHR PAC, Montgomery; The Committee For Good Government, Birmingham; Trial-Trust Representing Involved Alabama Lawyers, Montgomery; W. Daniel Hughes 1, Montgomery; William B. Sexton, Decatur.

$8,600: Sally Lambert, Huntsville.

$8,500: The Cosby Co., Selma.

$8,000: William B. Wilson, Montgomery.

$7,500: AT&T, Hoover; Bizpac, Montgomery; R. Frank Brown, Cullman; Retailers of Alabama PAC, Montgomery.

$6,500: Sun PAC, Mobile.

$6,025: Cathy Randall, Tuscaloosa.

$6,000: Enpac, Birmingham; International Paper PAC, Washington, D.C.; Senior Care Pharmacy Inc., Northport.

$5,000: Adams and Reese LLP, New Orleans, Louisiana; Alabama Power Co. Employees State PAC, Birmingham; Dunn Construction Co. Inc., Birmingham; Gregory T. Abramson, Vestavia Hills; Jeffrey Coleman, Dothan; Joe Ritch, Huntsville; Ozark Striping Co. Inc., Ozark; Sallie and Warren Williamson, Greenville; Thomas J. Joiner, Tuscaloosa; Vote ’98- PAC, Montgomery; VPAC, Birmingham; William E. Wallace, Pike Road.

$4,882: Servis 1st Bank, Montgomery.

$4,000: AT&T Alabama PAC, Montgomery.

$3,500: Camellia PAC, Mobile.

$3,000: Centurytel Inc., Monroe, Louisiana; Doug Hollyhand, Northport; John O. Moor Jr., Birmingham; Synovus Financial Corp. Committee For Good Leadership, Birmingham; The Bennett Group, Auburn.



Balance: $1,241,044

$113,000: Moving Alabama Forward PAC, Huntsville.

$52,000: Dorothy S. Davidson, Huntsville.

$50,000: William R. Battle III, Tuscaloosa; W.S. Propst, Huntsville; Randall A. Schrimsher, Huntsville; Science & Engineering Services LLC, Columbia, MD.

$30,000: Jeff Benton, Huntsville.

$25,250: Cathleen O. Anderson, Brownsboro.

$25,000: Francisco J. Collazo, Huntsville; Dynetics Inc., Huntsville; Reed Contracting Services, Union Grove; Woody Anderson Ford, Huntsville.

$20,000: Concord Land Development Inc., Huntsville; Torch Technologies Inc., Huntsville.

$16,000: Janice F. Smith, Huntsville.

$15,000: Garver LLC, North Little Rock, Arkansas; GarverPAC, North Little Rock, Arkansas; Huntsville/Madison County New Car Dealership, Huntsville; Thomas H. Siniard, Huntsville; The Broadway Group LLC, Huntsville; Robert E. Thurber, Huntsville.

$14,000: Calame Sammons, Huntsville.

$13,500: Jerry Damson, Huntsville.

$12,700: Robert Baron, Huntsville.

$12,500: Harold R. Brewer, Madison.

$12,000: Don Miller, Huntsville.

$10,000: Angel R. Almodovar, Huntsville; Terry Anderson, Florence; Walter P. Batson Jr., Huntsville; Bjlac, LLC, Huntsville; Frederic H. Clark, Fayetteville, Tennessee; Dese Research Inc., Huntsville; Generation Holdings LLC, Huntsville; Geocent LLC, Metairie, Louisiana; Joseph A. Hollingsworth, Clinton, Tennessee; Matheny Goldmon Architecture LLC, Huntsville; Progress Bank, Huntsville; Quantitech Inc., Huntsville; Samples Commercial Real Estate, Huntsville; William H. Stender, Huntsville; The Committee For Good Government, Birmingham; Wayne McMahan LLC, Alexander City.

$7,750: CMG PAC II, Tuscaloosa.

$7,500: Bradley Arant Boult Cummings LLP Al State PAC, Birmingham.

$6,250: James Chambers, Huntsville.

$5,000: ABC Merit PAC, Birmingham; Adtran Inc, Huntsville; Darryl Anderson, Huntsville; Susan T. Anderson, Florence; B&B Investments LLC, Athens; Robert M. Broadway, Huntsville; Ronald Bruno, Birmingham; D.S. Butler, Huntsville; CG Partners LLC, Huntsville; Marsha D. Clark, Dothan; Committee For Qualified Candidates, Huntsville; Dunn Construction Co., Birmingham; Eli Lilly & Co., Vestavia Hills; Paul A. Gierow, Ardmore, Tennessee; Goodwyn Mills and Cawood PAC, Montgomery; Huntsville Tractor & Equipment, Huntsville; International Wines Inc., Alabaster; Littlejohn, Nashville, Tennessee; C.E. Miller, Huntsville; Mark E. Miller, Huntsville; Nola VanPeursem Architects P.C., Huntsville; John M. Ozier, Huntsville; Lee Seeley, Brownsboro; Thomas A. Sharp Jr., Huntsville; Linda J. Smith, Huntsville; Jean W. Templeton, Huntsville; Thompson Gray Inc., Huntsville.

$3,000: Joseph Alexander, Huntsville; Jackie Battles, Dothan; James R. Cash, Huntsville; Peter L. Lowe, Huntsville; Jim Rogers, Huntsville.



Balance: $653,213

$42,306: Bill Hightower for State Senate, Mobile.

$30,000: Warren Nicholson, Mobile.

$25,000: BWR Co. LLC, Wilmington, Delaware; DC Co. LLE, Wilmington, Delaware; JohnsonKreis Construction Co. Inc, Birmingham; Real Estate Equity Investments LLC, Mobile; Theodore Industrial Port, Mobile; W.F. Trick, Tuscaloosa.

$20,000: Brian Cuccias, Mobile.

$15,000: Kykenkee Inc., Vance.

$12,500: William F. Trick. Tuscaloosa.

$10,000: Chris Fuchs, Mobile; Curtis Pilot, Mobile; Daphne Fonde, Mobile; E. Grace Pilot, Mobile; Esfeller Construction Co. Inc., George Montgomery, Mobile; Henry B. Fulgham, Mobile; Joihn White-Spunner, Mobile; Mike O’Neill, Spanish Fort; Rodney Pilot, Mobile; W. Davis Pilot, Mobile; William Dement, Jackson, Tennessee.

$7,500: William D. Dement, Jackson, Tennessee.

$6,000: Mobile Lumber and  Building Materials Inc., Mobile.

$5,000: Allen C. Harris, Opelika; Bill Watts, Moible; Brenda J. Hightower, Mobile; Bruce Creel, Mobile; Bullard Management Corp., Mobile; Candice Barnett, Cullman; Chad Hagwood, Birmingham; Daniel G. Elcan, Mobile; Donald Capps, Birmingham; Duane Donner Ii, Birmingham; Dunn Construction Co. Inc., Birmingham; East Alabama Paving Co. Inc., Opelika; Ecosouth, Creola; G.B. Saad, Spanish Fort; Hix & Snedecker LLC, Daphne; Jeffrey Defraff, Creve, Coeur, Missouri; John C. Dobbs Jr., Birmingham; John Walton, Mobile; Kenny Mclean, Point Clear; Ll&T Properties Ltd, Wilmer; L.J. Friedman, Mobile; Linda G. Fontenot, Mobile; Mark Peeples, Birmingham; Michael Montgomery, Mobile; Mobile Forest Producst & Biomass Inc., Mobile; Randy Cottingham, Garden Ridge, TX; Richard A. Brooks, Birmingham; Robert Frost, Mobile; Robert M. Shackleford, Mobile; Silver Ships Inc., Theodore; Stewart Dansby, Birmingham; Stone & Sons Electrical Contractors, Birmingham; T.H. O’Melia, Mobile; Thomas A. Sattefield, Rockwall, TX; Thomas A. Satterfield Jr., Mountain Brook; Tina Carl, Mobile.

$4,000: Rettig’s Auto Body, Mobile; TES Contracting Inc., Creola.

$3,000: Dominick Ficarino Jr., Bayou La Batre; John Ramsey, Grand Bay; Michael C. Daniels, Mobile; Patricia Ann Winters, Durham, North Carolina; R&A Oyster Co. Inc., Baton Rouge, Louisiana, Rogers & Willard, Mobile; Tinsley Van Durand, Mountain Brook; William R. McNair, Point Clear.



Balance: $343,525

$100,000: David Green, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.

$25,000: Radford & Co., Birmingham.

$20,000: Bruce C. Dunbar Jr., Birmingham.

$15,000: Smith Family Tire Wholesale, Hanceville; Smith Family Tire Inc., Hanceville.

$12,000: John M, Collier, Birmingham.

$10,000: Garry Ard, Birmingham; G.A. Boutwell, Birmingham; Thomas E. Bradford, Birmingham; Casting Crowns Tithing, Nashville, TN; Debra Contaldo, Sleepy Hollow, Illinois; Dotry Enterprises, Birmingham; David M. Green, Oklahoma City; James H. Godfrey Jr., Birmingham; Linda Greer, Hoover; Robert Hutson Jr., Birmingham; McGehee Engineering Corp., Jasper; McGehee Properties LLC, Jasper; Stephen J. Thomas, Mountain Brook.

$7,500: Spin Safe LLC, Huntsville.

$6,750: Dean Parker, Mobile.

$6,100: William F. Jenkins Jr., Birmingham.

$6,050: Doug Travis, Vestavia Hills.

$6,000: Ten Gates Coalition, Trussville.

$5,100: Wiley Cooper, Birmingham.

$5,001: Jonathan Gray, Fairhope.

$5,000: Allied Women PAC, Birmingham; Scott D. Aubrey, Birmingham; Sally Blackwell, Mountain Brook; David A. Boutwell, Birmingham; Brumlow Legal Group, Trussville; Cedar Lake Mining Inc., Jasper; Chilton Contractors Inc., Clanton; DC Oil Co. Inc., Birmingham; Duane Donner II, Birmingham; Banks H. Farris, Birmingham; Joe Headley, Clanton; Hugh B. Jacks, Shoal Creek; MS&R Equipment Co. Inc., Jasper; David Nichol, Daphne; Pat R. Nothrop, Opp; Omega Development Group 2017, Birmingham; William M. Scott, Auburn; Pat Trammell, Birmingham; Ubique Technologies, Clanton; United PAC, Montgomery.

$4,000: L. Bruce Christian, Wetumpka.

$3,000: Cahaba Fitness Inc., Birmingham; Douglas Harris, Knoxville, Tennessee.




Balance: $197,170

$80,000: Franklin PAC, Montgomery.

$35,000: David L. Silverstein, Birmingham.

$33,725: Bizpac, Montgomery.

$10,279: Greg Cobb, Odenville.

$10,000: Crown Health Care, Monroeville; Billy Jones, Monroeville; Straci Inc., Mobile.

$8,000: Miss John Baker, Collinsville.

$5,000: Emm-Dee Drug Co., Athens; Sue Cory, Birmingham; Janie Gilliland, Pike Road; Stephen Heninger, Birmingham; Lisa Hottel, Birmingham; William Johnson, Evergreen; Jerry Kocan, Montgomery; Jerald Labovitz, Montgomery; Steve Martino, Mobile; William Melton, Evergreen; M.H. Reynolds, Pike Road.

$4,750: First Decade PAC, Montgomery; Mainstream PAC, Montgomery.

$3,500: Gregory Breedlove, Mobile.



Balance: $184,042

$38,000: Cash PAC, Tuscaloosa.

$34,150: Pride PAC II, Tuscaloosa.

$29,500: Leadership PAC, Tuscaloosa.

$24,500: ET PAC, Tuscaloosa.

$23,850: T-Town PAC II, Tuscaloosa.

$23,400: CMG PAC II, Tuscaloosa.

$10,000: ABC Merit PAC, Birmingham; G.S. Miers Family LLC, Tuscaloosa; Gina Miers, Tuscaloosa.


$5,000: Alabama AFL-CIO PAC, Montgomery; Andrew Campbell, Mountain Brook; Environmental Litigation Group PC, Birmingham; Greenetrack Inc., Eutaw; IBEW PAC Voluntary Fund, Washington, DC; Don and Sandy Logan, Birmingham; Frank McPhillips, Birmingham; Keith Owens, Maylene; David and Jenny Pass, Tuscaloosa; Cynthia Ferguson Rhoden, Birmingham; The Builders Group, Tuscaloosa.

$3,000: Neel-Schaffer, Jackson.



Balance: $2,643

$3,000: RWDSU Midsouth Council, Birmingham.



Balance: $2,000