2022 Alabama Elections

Jake Schafer, Republican, US Senator

Jake Schafer

Jake Schafer

United States Senator

Party: Republican

Age: 34

Residence: Moved to Daphne two years ago from West coast.

Political experience: None.

Professional experience: Worked in sales, management and as a technician for various companies but plans to go back to school for master’s in family counseling.

Civic experience: None.

Education: Bachelor’s degree in psychology from Point Loma University in 2010; master’s in psychology from Walden University in 2021.

Main issues: Schafer’s campaign is heavy on school-related issues, and he supports a school choice/voucher system. He believes parents should be able to choose where to send their child to school — especially if their home school is not performing well and believes having this system in place will allow more homeschool, private school and charter school options to become available. Schafer also said federal funding to four-year colleges and universities should be reinvested into trade schools. He said he also supports the completion of the U.S. -Mexican border wall and would also like to see term limits where senators can only serve for a maximum of two terms.

Total contributions so far: $3,768.48

Top contributors: $2,000 from David Schafer; $1,000 from Dennis Niksch

Campaign info: https://www.jakeschaferforsenate.com/