2021 Birmingham City Election

Jason Meadows, BBOE D9

Jason Meadows

Birmingham Board of Education District 9

Jason Meadows

Age: 40

Residence: Birmingham

Political experience: None

Civic experience: Merchandise sales/customer care, Alabama Power Co., 2015-2018; Woodlawn Foundation, 2018-current; youth assistant professor at Emanuel Temple, 2005-current.

Education: University of Alabama, degree in marketing, 2003

Contributions: Oscar Meadows, $1,000; Next Generation Alabama, $4,200

Main issues: Development of certified skills and trade academy pathway with agreements with corporations for employment; social-oriented emotional support for students and their families; stronger support for teachers and staff; comprehensive plan for technology resources for students.

Campaign:  https://www.votemeadows.org/, https://www.facebook.com/jason.meadows.54738