2018 Election

Jay Mitchell

Jay Mitchell

State Supreme Court, Place 4

Jay Mitchell

Party: Republican

Residence:  Homewood

Political experience: Member, executive committee, Alabama Republican Party; founder, Red Mountain Republicans; member, Federalist Society.

Professional experience: Partner, Maynard, Cooper & Gale.

Civic experience: Board member, Cornerstone School; participant, Birmingham Athletic Partnership.

Education: Juris doctorate, University of Virginia School of Law; Master of Arts, University College Dublin, 1999; bachelor’s, Birmingham-Southern College; graduate, Homewood High School.

Main issues: Mitchell states on his website that he is running because the Alabama Supreme Court needs strong conservatives. His judicial philosophy will be to faithfully interpret and enforce the law as it’s written. He pledges that he will not legislate from the bench or make things up in order to achieve a particular outcome.

Top contributors: Progress PAC, $160,000; EDPAC, $27,000; Forestry Political Action Committee, $25,000; ABPAC, $20,000; TRUK PAK, $20,000; Farm Pac, $17,450; Alabama Realtors PAC, $15,000; Auto PAC, $15,000; BI PAC, $15,000; TEL PAC, $15,000.

Campaign: https://www.jayforalabama.com