Jefferson County Commission Postpones Vote on Family Dollar Beer and Wine Sales

(Source: Mike Mozart of TheToyChannel and JeepersMedia, flickr [CC BY 2.0.])
Jefferson County commissioners voted on Dec. 19 to postpone consideration of a request to allow the Family Dollar Store on U.S. 78 in Forestdale to sell beer and wine.

While the area where the store is located is zoned for beer and wine sales, and there are other stores in the vicinity that do sell beer and wine, concerns about crime and security and issues regarding cleanliness at the Family Dollar property were at the forefront of the discussion.

Commissioner Lashunda Scales asked the representative for the applicant, Family Dollar District Manager Courtney Mitchell, to explain how the retail store is addressing the security and cleanliness concerns. Mitchell stated that, while Family Dollar’s corporate loss prevention department and other corporate offices were working on plans to increase the frequency of refuse removal and address security, he did not have specific details to provide at the time of the hearing.

Noting that she had heard complaints about crime and cleanliness during community meetings, Scales asked that, before any approval for wine and beer sales be considered, Family Dollar should provide a written security and maintenance plan for the commission’s review.

“There are some real issues with this Family Dollar and it is not representative of the people who live in the area,” said Scales. “Since Family Dollar is making such a footprint in Jefferson County, we need to put some things in place and not add beer and wine to the problem.”

David Russell, who lives directly behind the store and was the only community member to comment, said he offered to coordinate a clean-up effort, but his offer was turned down.